JUST IN: Trump Campaign EXPOSED Altering Polling Data & Passing It As Real (DETAILS)


It’s been said that Donald Trump lives in his own little reality, but now it seems that he’s insisting on sharing it with others. He refuses to see that he’s not doing well in the poll data coming out of major news organizations lately, and has decide to play games with the numbers.

After the debate last week, he insisting on using fake popularity polls from online sites like The Drudge Report in interviews to show how far ahead he is of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. Now he’s spreading carefully framed poll numbers from this week to show that he’s still ahead.

Take a careful look at this Twitter post from Wednesday. In the top left corner image, it proudly boasts “GENERAL ELECTION.” But if you look closer at the tiny print in the bottom, it says “Arizona Poll.” Well, duh. Arizona has gone to the Republican for every presidential election since 1952, except for supporting Democrat Bill Clinton in 1996 by less than 3 percent.

In fact, none of these are a surprise — that a Republican candidate is winning in a traditionally red state. Except for Barack Obama’s presidential runs in 2008 and 2012, Colorado has supported the Republican candidate in every election going back to 1968, except for, again, Bill Clinton in 1992. Georgia has also been strongly red in recent decades, going blue once for Bill Clinton in 1992, and then of course, supporting Jimmy Carter in both of his bids for the white house.

These four states also only add up to 42 electoral votes, far from the 538 total available, and the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election in November.

Donald Trump is crediting Reuters for reporting his lead, too, but there again, his imaginary numbers do not match reality. In the most recent Reuters poll released on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton continues to pull ahead of Trump. With likely voters, she is up 7 points, with Clinton at 44 percent and Trump at 37 percent nationally.

Although 12 percent of likely voters are voting for a third-party candidate like Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party nominee Jill Stein, and 6 percent are still undecided, Hillary Clinton also leads in a four-way race at 42 percent to Trump’s 36 percent.

Her favorability score has also risen, up to 50 percent with registered voters, while Trump’s favorability rating is only 44 percent.

Donald Trump may be presenting a false front of success to maintain the enthusiasm of his supporters, despite recent calls from his own party to reject his candidacy. It may be because he never seems to able to admit to his mistakes and failures. Whatever the reason, it’s obvious that Trump has a rather iffy relationship with the truth either way.

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