Mike Pence DRAMATICALLY Throws Trump Under The Bus, Campaign Enters Free-Fall (DETAILS)


The Republican vice-presidential nominee is showing some stress in the media since out-performing Donald Trump at the first vice presidential debate. Media reports after the debate claim that Trump was not very pleased with Pence, who was said to have acted more “presidential” than Trump. There was even talk of wishing we could “flip the ticket,” meaning that Trump would be better in a vice presidential role. Just the fact that liberals would rather see an ultra-conservative like Mike Pence as the presidential nominee, speaks volumes to the amount of fear Trump has put into the heart of Americans.

Pence made this statement after news of Trump’s jealousy broke:

“I do think that whatever I was able to do the other night, Donald Trump won the debate. Donald Trump’s vision to make America great again won the debate.”

CNN‘s Chris Cuomo put Pence on the spot this morning when he called him out for flip-flopping in regards to the offense he once took to Donald Trump’s racist statements about Muslims and Mexicans.

As many people don’t know, Mike Pence spoke out strongly against Trump’s racist comments against Muslims entering the country before he was on Trump’s ticket. During this time, Pence was backing Republican candidate, Ted Cruz. Once that was proven to be going nowhere, however, Pence jumped ship and decided that he could live with having a bigot in the White House, so long as he gets in too.

Cuomo said:

“Before you were his nominee, governor, you said that — you said Trump is wrong about categorically saying Muslims can’t get in this country. Why not just own your own truth on those situations?”

Pence attempted to laugh off the question and go off-topic before making probably the poorest excuse to back a racist, ever. Pence tried desperately to dodge the question when he replied:

“Donald Trump and I have been very clear about suspending immigration from countries that have been compromised by terrorism or some of these other issues.”

Cuomo refused to let Pence off the hook, however. Instead, he persisted in getting a straight answer from the vice presidential nominee, for once. Cuomo said:

“But, governor, that is a finessed position. We both know that where he started was saying that there is a problem with Islam, that Muslims should be kept out of the country. You condemned those comments, and you did so strongly as the governor of Indiana when you were backing Ted Cruz. You said we can’t say that when he said what he said about Judge (Gonzalo) Curiel, not making it about the case but about his ethnicity, you condemned those comments. Why do you not condemn them now?”

Pence, making the saddest excuse in the world for supporting Trump after condemning him just months before, said that he supports Trump because Trump no longer believes that a ban on Muslims is the right thing to do.

Pence said this, throwing Trump under the bus:

“Look, you’ve known him for a long time, Chris — I haven’t known him that long at all.”

Pence continued:

“In Donald Trump, you have someone that has been willing to speak his mind. He’s spoken about the frustrations and the aspirations of the American people, and I’m proud to stand with him as he talks about ending illegal immigration once and for all.”

So, what Pence is really saying, is that his morals and beliefs can switch on and off depending on how much they get in the way of his name being in the headlines and his face being on your television screens. Regardless of the fact that Pence was disgusted by Trump’s past remarks, he is willing to put his name on a ticket in which his running-mate is the worst excuse for a presidential nominee that this country has ever see.

This was a mistake of McCain proportions.

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