Trump Nut Job Fires AR-15 At Neighbor, Claims She Looked Like Killer Clown (VIDEO)


According to local news reports, a Kentucky man opened fire on a dog walker after mistaking her for a killer clown.

Adam Tingle’s wife was outside when she saw a woman walking a dog and wearing an afghan. For whatever reason she thought the dog walker was some killer clown and ran inside to tell her husband. In response to this, there were plenty of reasonable options her husband could have taken. He could have looked outside to confirm what his wife saw. He could have simply stayed inside the house and locked the doors or if he was actually scared. He could have even called the police to report that his wife saw something strange. The last option is a bit much, but it’s still more reasonable than what he actually he did.

Tingle grabbed his AR-15 and started shouting at the woman, who once again, was simply walking her dog. The woman didn’t respond to the shouting so the man fired a single “warning” shot. Tingle’s wife then called 911 to report the incident. The police then arrested Tingle and charged him with second-degree wanton endangerment. His AR-15 was also taken at the time of the arrest.

At the time of his arrest, Tingle told police that he was frightened due to the reports of creepy clowns that have been spotted across the country. Whether it’s simply a Halloween prank, a marketing stunt for the upcoming “It” reboot or simply kids making up a story, the creepy clown phenomenon is sweeping the nation.

We understand that news reports like the creepy clown one do have a way of sticking to the public imagination and can be unnerving for some people, but Tingle’s argument is still stupid for several reasons. For starters, if you’re so mentally unstable that reports of creepy clowns are enough to make you open fire on random people then you don’t need to own a gun at all.

Secondly, the dog walker was not dressed like a clown. She was wearing a white afghan. There was no make up, no red nose, no brightly colored clothing or hair. Furthermore, we can’t think of any recent reports regarding the creepy clowns walking a dog. The whole thing is utterly absurd and just provides more evidence that we really need stronger mental health requirements before a person buys a gun.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the creepy clown phenomenon then you can check out this video by USA Today. Be warned that the creepy music is kind of over the top.

Featured image via Getty Images.