BREAKING: Donald Trump Breaks Twitter Silence, Prepare To Be DISGUSTED (DETAILS)


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump issued a response early Saturday to the leaked, campaign-threatening audio tapes featuring Trump gleefully discussing perpetrating sexual assault.

As seems to be the candidate’s favorite medium for public communication, he took to Twitter.

His “interesting” tweet is featured below.

No f*cking sh*t, Trump.

The candidate made a sort of, not really, apology late Friday after the audio tapes were leaked, effectively saying that his comments were out of line but should have no impact on his presidential candidacy.

Trump threw off any vestige of taking the impact of his comments seriously by tweeting early Saturday that it has been an “interesting 24 hours.”

A partial transcription of Trump’s comments in the leaked audio tapes is featured below, via The Hill.

Do his words sound “interesting” to you?

‘You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.’

Trump went on to be even more explicit, as you are certainly already well familiar with from the wide circulation of his comments.

What Trump said isn’t “interesting.” Trump, the man who wants you to elect him president of the United States, gleefully spoke only a few years ago about forcing himself on women and thus perpetrating sexual assault.

In the aftermath of the leaked tapes, ranking Republicans from all over the party’s hierarchy called on Trump to give up the party’s presidential nomination. These Republicans include three Republican United States Senators.

After all, assuming that a campaign is legitimate when the candidate has a history of being cool with sexual assault is out of touch, to put it softly.

The foolishness of having someone in the Oval Office who has spent years barely one step ahead of being imprisoned, with more revelations coming out almost daily, isn’t a partisan concern. It’s a concern of decency, of humanity, and of the basic principles of what it means to be an leader of a free-or mostly free-nation.

Donald Trump, however, isn’t going anywhere, refusing to pass on the Republican nomination to someone actually qualified. He told the Wall Street Journal Saturday morning that there is “zero chance” he will quit and that the support he is getting is “unbelievable.”

Featured Image via Ethan Miller/ Getty Images.