Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren ANGRILY Respond To Trump’s Lewd Comments (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t waste any time sharing the latest disgusting revelation about her opponent, Republican nominee and con artist, Donald Trump.

The Donald has outdone himself this time around. Although even many Republicans have suspected that Donald Trump doesn’t have the brains, demeanor, or experience to be president of the United States, he may have finally stepped over the last line and alienated even the Evangelicals, as well as the moderate suburban women voters he has hoped would make a difference and score him the White House win in November.

It’s a shame he’s been too focused on “scoring” in other ways, and his past has caught up with him. The remarks are so dreadful, even obscene, that even Republican Party stalwarts have distanced themselves, including his running mate, Mike Pence, who is currently hiding from reporters so he doesn’t have to answer any questions about the video.

When a leaked hot mic video was revealed on Friday, his sexist, misogynist, even aggressively sexual behavior toward women was seen to be more than just an act. Trump was caught bragging about assaulting women and saying he could do “anything” to them during a recorded conversation in 2005.

In the recorded conversation, he claimed that he simply could not resist assaulting a beautiful woman, even married ones, and even though he himself was a “newlywed,” having been married to his third wife, Melania, only a few months prior. In the released video, Trump said:

‘And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything […] Grab them by the p*ssy. You can do anything.’

Hillary Clinton released an ad within hours, revealing parts of this disgusting conversation as well as snippets from other sexist cracks the Republican nominee has made over the years.

According to the Clinton ad, women will be the reason Trump loses in November, and she’s probably right.

Interspersed with the leaked audio of Trump saying he can’t resist beautiful women are sound bites of him complaining about a woman being “an executive, not a wife,” as well as saying that a pregnant woman was “a wonderful thing for the husband, but certainly is an inconvenience for a business.” It also features Donald Trump talking about women’s body parts, telling one she’d look pretty on her knees, saying that “the look” is what gets them a job.

The final audio is one of Sen. Elizabeth Warren:

‘Mr. Trump, women are going to be the reason you’re not elected to be president.’

We can only hope she’s right.

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