JUST IN: Female Trump Staffer Defects & Announces DAMNING Information (DETAILS)


After audio was leaked on Friday of Donald Trump having an incredibly vulgar, sexist conversation with Billy Bush, the Republicans who once supported the GOP nominee are now practically sprinting away from him, including those who used to work on his campaign. On Saturday morning, Trump’s policy coordinator, Pratik Chougule, wrote a post on LinkedIn denouncing the Donald.

Bluntly titled “I Regret Working for Trump and Will Not Support Him for President,” Chougule’s post is brief and leaves no room for interpretation.

‘Under no circumstances will I support Donald Trump for president.

‘I regret my decision last April to join the campaign as policy coordinator. Although I left the campaign in August for a variety of reasons, I wish that I had done so sooner and spoken out more forcefully against a candidate who embodies the worst excesses of our culture.’

Chougule left Trump’s campaign along with several other staffers amid disputes over compensation. The former policy adviser, who also works as the managing editor for international affairs magazine¬†The National Interest,¬†joined the ranks of several other prominent Republicans who rescinded their endorsements in light of Trump’s most recent scandal.

On Friday night, Utah’s Gov. Gary Herbert and Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz both took back their endorsements of Trump, although they also said that they are not planning on voting for Hillary Clinton. Herbert called Trump’s statements “beyond offensive and despicable.”

Other Republicans, Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk and former chairman of the Iowa Republican Party A.J. Spiker, took things a step further and called for Trump to drop out of the race and let his running mate, Mike Pence, take over.

GOP strategist Ana Navarro had harsh words for Trump as well, calling him unfit to be his party’s nominee and unfit “to be called a man.”

It’s safe to say at this point that the Republican party is finally turning on Trump. With 30 days left until the election, he has some serious damage control to do, and an insincere video apology doesn’t seem to be sufficient. The second presidential debate takes place Sunday, Oct. 9, and Trump just gave Clinton even more ammunition to use against him.

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