Scott Baio Responds To Trump’s Leaked Audio Like A HORRIFIC Monster (TWEETS)


It appears as though Scott Baio is attempting to make himself feel relevant again during this presidency by defending Trump. Not only has he failed because Trump’s sexist and misogynistic words are totally indefensible, but he’s making himself just look like a bigger and more ignorant jerk than Trump. This was made totally evident by a tweet he posted in an attempt to expose former presidents for their colorful use of words.

After sound bites were leaked showing Trump speaking aggressively, offensively and even worse, casually, about sexually assaulting women, it’s hard to believe that anyone would want to try and defend such behavior. Scott Baio apparently didn’t get the memo that Trump’s behavior isn’t acceptable and trying to defend it only makes him look bad.

Baio proves in his tweets that he is just about as dense as a Trump supporter can be, but that obviously doesn’t phase him at all.

He actually thinks he’s being clever by showing former presidents using choice words and equating that to Trump’s offensive babble. The videos he uses are only sad and desperate attempts at “proving his point” because they aren’t even offensive at all. It’s like he doesn’t understand that using a cuss word in a conversation and talking about sexually assaulting women are two totally different things.

Here is one of the tweets Baio posted in his sad attempt to be clever:

“What’s this?” you ask, Scott? It’s a video posted to YouTube and it shows former presidents during phone conversations using words that most normal adults use in a everyday conversations. In no way is anything said on this video equivalent to the sexist babble coming out of Trump’s mouth on a daily basis.

The first example is of JFK was upset about a picture and said “Well, this is obviously a f*ck up!” That was super offensive to absolutely no one, but okay. Then, LBJ tells his tailor to loosen his pants down “where the balls hang” because they’re too tight and they cut him. If anything, most men could relate to that and would agree that they don’t want any part of their manhood being cut anytime, ever. Lastly, there’s audio of Nixon being drunk and talking about how he never wants to discuss Watergate again. That’ll show everyone.

None of those conversations were even worthy of being posted in any sort of relevance to Trump whatsoever. The fact that Baio thought they would even equate to Trump’s foolishness is absurd. As bad as that attempt was, he posted a video even earlier of President Obama reading a passage from his book “Dreams From My Father”. The clip was taken out of context, as it shows Obama saying “Gotta have them ribs…and p*ssy, too.” Baio thought he had the president there, but it was just as pathetic an attempt as the others.

Baio is not helping Trump, and he is most definitely not helping himself either. It isn’t about cursing, it’s about sexual assault and the objectification of women. If this is the way he thinks he can get himself an extra fifteen minutes of fame, he seriously needs to try again, because he just looks pitiful.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube