Christian Religious Leaders Respond To Leaked Trump Tapes — Prepare To Be STUNNED (DETAILS)


Responses from conservative Christian leaders have begun to trickle in regarding the tapes leaked late last week featuring Donald Trump gloating about committing sexual assault — and if you wondered whether or not the religious right could sink to a new low, here’s your answer.

While ranking Republicans with political strategy in mind who have dumped the Trump candidacy are slowly but surely increasing in number, those on the right who have no re-election styled public image concerns have no such reason to attempt any sort of preservation of self-respect.

Thus, while the conservative Christian running mate of Donald Trump’s, Mike Pence, distanced himself from the candidate’s remarks, conservative Christian leaders with no personal political concerns have made no such distancing, instead taking the opportunity to throw themselves ever more down the suicidal hole of the Donald Trump campaign.

Sure, the 2005 tapes released last Friday have Trump saying that “because he’s a star,” he can do anything he wants to women — and he even cited an instance where he had done just that and attempted to force himself on a female entertainment journalist, Nancy O’Dell.

Did those disturbing revelations stop religious Christian leaders from keeping on with their proud support of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy?


Think Progress collected the responses of the members of Trump’s “Evangelical Executive Advisory Board,” and most if not all of the members have indicated that they have no intention of dropping their support for the sexual predator turned presidential candidate.

The response of Ralph Reed is emblematic of the whole religious right’s head in the sand style response to the tapes and everything else which is so problematic about the Trump candidacy. Reed is the head of the previously mentioned Advisory Board and also of the “Faith and Freedom coalition.”

The Washington Post reports what Reed immediately went to in defense of his support of Trump — a personal attack on Clinton using the same corruption allegations as have been used against the Clintons for decades — and been disproved for decades as well.

As the Post writes:

‘[Reed] contrasted Trump with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, saying that her “corrupt use of her office to raise funds from foreign governments and corporations and her reckless and irresponsible handling of classified material on her home-brewed email server, endangering US national security, that will drive the evangelical vote.”‘

First of all, what the f*ck is a “home-brewed email server”? Does Reed think coffee machines send emails? Or does he think that Hillary Clinton somehow fashioned her coffee machine to send emails?

Anyway, what Reed has said here and what has been echoed in the past days by other leaders of the religious right as well, is an only slightly grown up version of, “Well, she started it!”

Clinton has long been cleared of any wrongdoing over supposedly making maneuvers on behalf of the Clinton Foundation while serving as secretary of state, as she has long been cleared over the supposed improper use of private email during the same time period.

Do Republicans care? Nope. She still started it in their world.

And that is really the mental level on which they are operating. Just re-read the comments above from Ralph Reed. While Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, Reed and his colleagues have defended the presidential candidate by saying, “Well, Clinton did some bad stuff.”

The ability to actually argue that on the part of these Christian leaders is almost incomprehensible.

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