Donald Trump Calls TMZ Live On Air, IMMEDIATELY Brags About Penis Size (VIDEO)


After all the very recent not-so-shocking scandals to hit Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, you’d think there wouldn’t be anything else to add to his scandal resume. However, when you believe things can’t get any worse, they usually do somehow.

With the recent release of Trump’s lewd comments regarding groping women by the pu**y, we can now add Trump’s comments to TMZ in regards to attorney Gloria Allred’s remarks on Trump’s treatment of transgender beauty pageant contestant, Jenna Talackova.

Four years ago, before any ever thought Trump would be an orange-skinned orangutan running for president, he found himself in the middle of a shitstorm after disqualifying Talackova from Miss Universe Canada for not being biologically female and for marking on her registration form that she was born female. Mind you, all of her identifying documents indicate she is a woman.

Talackova retained lawyer Gloria Allred who pointed direct blame in comments on Trump who owned the pageant. She commented, “[Ms. Talackova] did not ask Mr. Trump to prove that he is a naturally born man or … to see his anatomy to prove that he was male.” Allred also called on Trump to provide “a clear answer, not a wimpy, wishy-washy type of answer” when it came to whether Talackova would be allowed to compete or not.

Trump, of course, could not resist and called in to TMZ Live to talk about how impressive his penis was and how Allred would like it. He commented:

‘I think Gloria would be very very very impressed with me [my penis]. I really do. I think she would have a whole brand new image of Donald Trump.’

Trump went on to add:

‘Well, I didn’t know Gloria Allred was involved. I just hear it for the first time. But yesterday, as you know, we said she would be able to compete based on the laws of Canada and the laws of the United States. So, we go by the law and based on the laws, she is able to compete if she wants to. She can take her shot. She can maybe win and maybe she won’t win. But I had no idea Gloria Allred was involved. Had I known, I may have changed my mind. I may not have done it.’

When asked if there would be an apology, Trump said no way, stating, “There will be no apology whatsoever. Frankly, if she competes that’s wonderful. If she doesn’t want to compete because maybe she thinks she can’t win, that’s fine also. I couldn’t care less.”

He then went on to mention that the initial discrimination of Talackova could be a good thing because ticket sales were through the roof.

Finishing up, TMZ asked if he would be willing to provide proof of his biological genitalia, he responded:

‘I may do that. I just want to know how much Gloria will pay me because if the payment is enough I might just do it. Boy, will she be impressed.’

Image via Getty Images/Ethan Miller.