Hillary Clinton MOPS THE FLOOR With Donald Trump & The Internet Is ERUPTING (TWEETS)


Hillary Clinton just won the second presidential debate, hands down, despite Donald Trump’s childish attempts to mentally break her. Not only did Trump invite all the women who have accused former president Bill Clinton of sexual assault, but he has them seated in the front row.

The fire started when moderator, Anderson Cooper, brought up the recent release of an audio recording in which Trump admitted to committing sexual assault on women whom he finds to be attractive. Trump said if he saw a woman he wanted, he would just “grab them by the p*ssy.” Trump blew off the conversation as “locker-room banter,” but when it was Hillary’s turn to respond, she brought it back up again.

That’s when Trump attacked, accusing Hillary of being a hypocrite for talking down about him for “locker-room” banter when her husband has been accused of actual rape almost a handful of times. Clinton seemed as though Trump was getting to her for a few moments, and then she remembered who she was debating, and let’s face it, a toddler could win this one.

Through Trump’s constant sniffling and bad posture was probably the most entertaining debate ever in the history of American politics. The problem is, it was just more of the same. Hillary had no chance to delve deeply into the issues she wanted to cover, as Trump kept the conversation on a surface level of personal attacks.

People on social media seemed to agree that Hillary did a great job of keepig her composure. Here are some of the reactions from viewers, below: