JUST IN: ‘Boston Globe’ Newspaper Makes MAJOR Donald Trump Announcement (DETAILS)


The Boston Globe is a well-established, long-term publication with a stellar reputation, and they see only one choice for their endorsement in 2016.

‘This election isn’t a close call. Only one candidate on the ballot Nov. 8 belongs anywhere near the White House, and it’s Hillary Clinton. The Globe enthusiastically endorses her candidacy, and urges voters to run, not walk, to their nearest polling place when early voting begins in Massachusetts on Oct. 24.’

The Globe laid out both Clinton’s strengths and her weaknesses. While they wrote that they see her as the most qualified and accomplished candidate, they also readily admitted that Clinton has drawbacks.

‘After Clinton’s nearly 30 years in the national spotlight, voters know first-hand all of her foibles and flaws, all her strengths and beliefs. With a high degree of certainty, Americans can know that electing Clinton means picking a president who will work tirelessly to enact sensible gun control, protect the environment, keep America safe from terrorism, reform the immigration system, and grow the economy.

‘With an equally high degree of certainty, Americans can also be sure that Clinton will make her own job needlessly difficult, through excessive secrecy and defensiveness. As the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street executives that were leaked on Friday show, she remains as tethered to the financial industry as ever. We know what we’re signing up for here.’

The award-winning newspaper also stated that the only viable alternative to Clinton is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, utterly ignoring the idea of electing Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. Stein’s anti-vaxx views disqualify her, in their assessment, and they do not consider her a serious candidate. The publication praised Johnson for his support of repealing marijuana and other drug laws, his “non-interventionist foreign policy,” and some of the benefits of his tax plan. However, his sorely lacking views around climate change, defunding the Department of Education, and common sense gun law reform are too serious for The Globe to ignore.

As for the GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, the publication did not mince words.

‘Meanwhile, Republican Donald J. Trump has run a disgraceful campaign of ethnic scapegoating and personal insults. Voter anger at the political establishment has been palpable during this campaign, and that is certainly driving some to consider supporting Trump. But his race-baiting demagoguery cannot be discounted; it has been disappointing to see so many timid Republicans who should know better fall in line behind him, as if his obvious unsuitability for the presidency is no big deal. The lewd video from 2005 that surfaced on Friday, which showed Trump boasting of his sexual assaults against women, reinforces what was already obvious: The GOP nominee needs to see a psychiatrist, not a nuclear-launch code.’

Painting Hillary Clinton as the “lesser of two evils,” however, sells the Democratic candidate short. Despite any misgivings that voters may have, Clinton is well beyond capable enough and experienced enough to lead.

‘Even against far more impressive opponents, she’d still be a great choice. Over her career, she’s demonstrated the poise, intelligence, dedication, and preparedness to be commander in chief. Hillary Clinton is not just the only safe choice in this election — she’s also the right choice.’

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