WATCH: Alec Baldwin Hilariously Mocks Donald Trump’s ‘P*ssy’ Comment On SNL (VIDEO)


Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump wants to “apple-a-gize” for his errant “p***y” comments, he announced in this week’s hilarious Saturday Night Live send up. No, not “apologize.” That would mean admitting he’d done something wrong.

The segment opens with a reference to the Trump Tapes scandal, as Cecily Strong’s CNN newscaster wryly notes:

‘Well, it looks like Donald Trump finally got what he wanted; a working microphone.’

Because you know what happened with Alec Baldwin’s microphone the last time he impersonated Donald Trump on SNL. Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama took it to Kenya and broke it, so he had to test it…

The camera then zeroes in on a heavily shellacked and bronzed Alec Baldwin in all his orangey, pouting, Mussolini-mouthed glory, who declares: “Are you not entertained?”

Mindful of FCC regulations, the newscaster winces while struggling to explain what Donald Trump said: “You wanted to…” Alec Baldwin then helpfully fills in:

‘Grab them by the p***y.’

The famed actor then “formally” and “deeply apple-a-gized” to “all the people who were offended by my statements. But more importantly to the people who were turned on. I hear it’s really 50-50.” When the newscaster asks why he would say “all these horrible things in the first place, Alec Baldwin’s Trump replies:

‘Come on Brooke. I was trying to look cool. I mean, what normal, red-blooded American doesn’t want to impress the Billy Bush. Also, p.s., you have to admit it’s kind of funny the only Bush that matters in this general election is Billy.’

And yes…Billy Bush, the former Access Hollywood host and soon-to-be former Today Show host, is Jeb and George W. Bush’s cousin. When informed that this “doesn’t really excuse what you said,” the actor doubled down on the lame excuses:

‘Listen, this was way back in 2005. It was 11 years ago, back when I was just a young, childish, 59-year-old man.’

After hilariously insulting Mike “Puny-Pence” and other Republicans who’ve publicly revoked their support for him, Alec Baldwin delivered a stunning message to women voters.

‘If you give me a chance, I promise… I can do a whole lot more than grab it. I can also bop it, twist it, and push it.’

After the interview supposedly ended, he delivered an uproarious “hot mic” moment, complete with lewd hand gestures.

‘I wish I was that hurricane, tearing through that hot Miami p***y. I would just destroy it.’

Watch: Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump delivers an outstanding performance on SNL.

The hilarity with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump starts at the 1:44 mark.

Featured image: Video screengrab via NBC’s Saturday Night Live