BREAKING: Trump Campaign Chairman FIRED For Direct Insubordination, Chaos Ensues


Things just got a bit worse for Republican nominee and unregistered sex offender Donald Trump. His Virginia campaign chair, Corey Stewart, was fired today for organizing a protest outside of the Republican National Committee headquarters.

Jeff Goldberg of ABC7 News broke the story on Twitter:

Trump’s deputy campaign manager, David Bossie, said in a statement that Stewart was being replaced immediately, adding that Stewart made the decision when he planned the event without campaign knowledge or approval.

Stewart posted news about the protest on Facebook. It seems the event was meant to show the RNC the number of people who still stand by Trump in light of his most recent scandal.

As of this writing, Stewart has not commented on his being ousted from the campaign.

However, WJLA reports, Trump’s campaign manager and full-time babysitter, Kellyanne Conway, did issue a statement about the protest, saying that the campaign has “a tremendous working relationship [with] the RNC” and that “Chairman Reince Priebus has been an engaged and incredibly supportive ally to Mr. Trump throughout the campaign.”

While the Trump campaign as a whole might have, as Conway describes it, a “tremendous working relationship” with the RNC, Stewart clearly has a less-than-favorable view of the organization. During the protest, a video was recorded of Stewart ranting about threats that he received from “RNC establishment pukes” who were “diverting” funds that Trump had raised.

The Trump campaign is losing staffers right and left, with just a few weeks left until the election. In late September, one of the top aides for Trump’s Florida campaign, 20-year-old Healy Baumgardner, abruptly quit. As her reason for leaving, Baumgardner explained, “It is clear the campaign is now going in a direction I am no longer comfortable with and I have decided to move on.”

Several other staffers also stopped working for the campaign’s policy office in August over disputes about compensation for their work. One former adviser told The Washington Post about the situation, “It’s a complete disaster. They use and abuse people. The policy office fell apart in August when the promised checks weren’t delivered.”

Trump’s campaign has been in a steady downward spiral for weeks, and to lose another prominent staffer was the last thing the GOP nominee needed.

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.