‘Call Your Dealer’: Internet Reacts To Donald Trump’s Sniffles & They Were MERCILESS (VIDEO)


Both presidential candidates insist they want to focus on the issues…But once again, Donald Trump’s sniffles were a major distraction. Issues? Gesundheit.

Sunday night’s second presidential debate was supposed to end Donald Trump’s candidacy. After all, the alleged billionaire’s vagina monologues caused GOP donors, senators, Mike Pence, and an avalanche of other Republicans to drop him like a hot potato. But how can we discuss important issues like the future of Obamacare, or revel in Hillary Clinton mopping up the floor with her opponent, when all we can hear is…Donald Trump’s sniffles?

You’d think that with his campaign imploding, staffers would do everything possible to ensure that Donald Trump’s sniffles don’t dominate the debate. Alas, for them, they had their hands full. And of course, Twitter went berserk with thousands of comments under the #sniffles hashtag.

Twitter goes nuts over Donald Trump’s sniffles.

One wag advised Donald Trump to call his dealer…er…doctor.

Another hopes Donald Trump will make cocaine great again. We may need some to stay awake for all those double shifts we’ll need to pay the rent in The Donald’s new Republican America.


Meanwhile, a smart #DumpTrump-er suggests the ideal sponsor for the next debate in Las Vegas…Which just happens to be a great place to score some primo flake.

Or perhaps Flonase® should give him a jingle.

And hopefully, TrumpCare will include treatment for Donald Trump’s sniffles and a septoplasty for his deviated septum.

Of course, building that wall could make feeding a cocaine habit a lot harder.

Some twitizens suspect the GOP candidate sniffles when he’s lying. But that doesn’t explain why he only sniffs during debates and not all the other times his mouth is open.

The political blogger Sarah Burris very kindly counted up all of Donald Trump’s sniffles so we don’t have to for a grand total of 82 sniffs and four half-sniffs.

But the folks at Raw Story raise her 96 sniffs and six half-sniffs.

Oh, and did you know that Donald Trump’s sniffles are trending? Just saying…

Watch: Every single one of Donald Trump’s sniffles from the first presidential debate.


Featured image: Scott Olson via Getty Images (dripping mucus added).