Drug ‘Expert’ Carrie Fisher Calls Trump Out For ‘Absolutely’ Using COCAINE Before Debates (VIDEO)


As Trump sniffed his way through a second presidential debate, viewers were left wondering what on earth was causing the sniffing attacks. Is Donald Trump allergic to debates? Carrie Fisher has a theory, and that theory involves cocaine.

The first time it happened, Trump blamed it on the microphone.

When it happened a second time, no explanation was given. Twitter users began asking whether or not Trump showed signs of cocaine use.

Carrie Fisher, the Star Wars actress and author who was once famously addicted to multiple illegal substances, tweeted her thoughts during the debate.

When one follower asked Fisher for her thoughts on Trump’s sniffing, Fisher called on her own expertise as a recovered drug addict to confirm that she believes he “absolutely” is.

Rumors of Donald Trump’s suspected drug use began after the first debate, with even the former chairman of the DNC and former governor of Virginia, Howard Dean, who ran for president on the Democratic primary ticket in 2004, called Trump out on his odd sniffles.

‘Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?’

Dean was criticized at the time for jumping to conclusions and supporting unfounded rumors, something that generally remains in the wheelhouse of the GOP nominee. When a second debate showed Trump behaving in the exact same way, however, those rumors became an accepted theory, supported by a very respected woman who would know.

According to The Huffington Post:

‘Fisher has been open about her own drug use in the past, revealing that she did cocaine on the set of The Empire Strikes Back.The actress has said she “didn’t even like coke that much,” but would have taken anything to get high. She also wrote about her history with drugs in her semi-autobiographical novel Postcards From the Edge.’

For more on this story, see video below:

Featured image via screenshot from the second presidential debate