Elizabeth Warren Fact-Checked Trump’s Debate In Real Time & It Was FANTASTIC (TWEETS)


Elizabeth Warren crushed Donald Trump and his sad performance on the stage of the second presidential debate. She gave his presentation a strong two thumbs down in her Twitter review, but the Massachusetts senator raved about Hillary Clinton’s performance.

Even with the bar set lower than the best limbo player, he failed Warren’s critique. The Clinton surrogate has frequently used Twitter to pierce Trump and all his lies, during his campaigns — both the primaries and the general election.

Her brilliant criticism raised her to Trump’s radar, and he has fired back with some regularity, calling her “goofy” and nicknaming her “Pocahontas.” He claims Warren is not really of American Indian descent and lied on her applications for an unfair advantage. So, that is why the snide nickname.

Warren’s and Trump’s dueling tweets rose to national exposure, and the two were even parodied by the television show, The Simpsons. Trump hasn’t responded to Warren’s tweets — yet. But he did send a tweet saying he wasn’t sending a tweet.

Warren said Trump was proud of not paying taxes, imagining that makes him smart. But, she rightly noticed Trump’s implication, that he was being smart, and everyone else is stupid for paying their taxes.

The Massachusetts senator pointed out how thin-skinned Trump is. In very few words, she called him a bully and made the case for his lack of empathy.

Of course, Warren is the queen of economics and literally wrote the book on it. So, she effortlessly sliced Trump’s economic plan down to a big fat zero.

Warren brilliantly noted the man was raving, as in crazy. And she wonders who wants a crazy person close to “our nuclear codes” or running the country’s economy.

The Clinton surrogate was righteous about Trump’s “sexual assault” language. In doing so, she set her audience to questioning whether the Republican was “just words” or criminal actions.

The senator also called the Republicans out on their endorsements of Trump. How could they still endorse the man, after all that has happened? Worse, what would that do to their campaigns to hold their seats in Congress?

There is one point where Warren agreed with Trump, and that was when he said his one good thing about Hillary Clinton. Warren approved of what he said about the Democratic presidential candidate being a fighter. Then, the senator added that Clinton has been handling “bullies like Donald” throughout her political career.

Not surprisingly, Trump sent a tweet after the debate, saying he isn’t commenting on Clinton’s emails. He claimed he was saying “nothing” about the “corrupt Clinton Foundation.” At last, he wrapped it up with “nothing” on Benghazi.

Donald Trump couldn’t resist posting tweets after the debate, saying he isn’t sending tweets. Of course, he did.

Nice job, Senator Warren.

Featured Image: Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Twitter page.