EXPERT: Trump’s Body Language Indicates He Was Ready To Assault Clinton (VIDEO)


Body language is an important factor in judging debate winners and losers. It can make or break a candidate and, in a way, has helped sway the minds of voters throughout the history of presidential elections.

One body language expert noted that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s body language was not just uncomfortable during Sunday’s debate, but could be a dire warning that Trump has a violent side to him (not that most didn’t already know that).

Janine Driver commented on the nominees’ body language and noted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had found her power move in negating her opponent. According to NBC Montana, Driver noted Clinton’s choice to stand directly in front of Trump blocking him from the view of viewers and moderators almost appeared “strategic,” noting that Trump did not interrupt her when she stood in front of him.

However, due to Clinton’s power move and Trump’s being powerless, his body language gave viewers cause for concern. As Trump was powerless, he paced and lurked behind Clinton. Driver commented on CNN’s New Day, “He’s decreasing stress by doing all that movement.” She further noted his pacing was a pre-indicator for assault.

‘At some parts of watching last night, I was really getting nervous because she was in his space. He’s like a dog who’s starting to get anxious and being backed into a corner.’

In fact, Twitter users noticed the same thing. New York Times culture writer Dave Itzkoff tweeted that Trump’s body language looked like the poster for a “1970s horror movie.”

Body language experts banded together over Twitter in the first social media #ReadPeople LIVE head-to-toe body language analysis to give viewers of the debate insight into what the presidential candidates could be thinking, conveying, or feeling. Greg Hartley explained the Twitter event by saying, “This is going to give us an opportunity to see all the stress generated by their surrogates and their online jabs and tweets and TV appearances coming home to roost as they try to face each other one-on-one.”

Mark Bowden tweeted, “Territorial aggression. #ReadPeople.”

Hartley tweeted, “#ReadPeople trump without the podium brace is actually barriering [sic] creating a space for himself and swaying as an adaptor makes sacred space.”

Check out Driver’s appearance on CNN’s New Day below.

Featured image via Getty Images/Scott Olson.