George Bush’s Granddaughter Releases DEFIANT Presidential Endorsement (DETAILS)


Lauren Pierce Bush Lauren made a mind-boggling endorsement for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, leaving Republicans across the nation floored. Causing an uproar, Bush Lauren is speaking out against the party her family has been intertwined with and is asserting her own political views.

Bush Lauren is known for her activism and constant fight to end world hunger. While attending Princeton University, she took an interest in the UN World Food Programme and began making FEED bags. This quickly sprouted into its own organization and has grown and developed into a wonderful community of activists fighting for change.

Bush’s Instagram is normally sneak peeks into her daily life, family photos, and spreading the word about FEED, her posts took an unexpected turn Sunday night. Bush posted a simple black and white picture of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton with the caption, “#I’mWithHer” and an emoji American flag.

Screen-Shot-2016-10-10-at-5.05.17-PM-300x193 George Bush's Granddaughter Releases DEFIANT Presidential Endorsement (DETAILS) Donald Trump Election 2016 Politics Top Stories Many Instagram users did not take kindly to the post and began bashing Bush for her political preference. Instagram user oc_sugar_mama exclaims, “Wow a Bush for Clinton. Never thought I would see the day. #neverhillary.”

This stance against the Republican party has people across the nation furious about Bush Lauren’s voting preference. Apparently in the land of the free, one is not able to voice opposing opinions without facing criticism and backlash.

Rachel_thomps comments:

‘Why? Why would you be with someone that has all the illegal activities she has committed and esp with your family’s beliefs and background.’

Bush Lauren isn’t the only member of the Bush family voting no on Donald Trump this election season though. Her grandfather, George H.W. Bush himself will be casting his vote for Hillary Clinton this election season. Not only are Bush Lauren and George H.W. Bush voting for Hillary Clinton, but Barbara Bush spoke out against Trump, stating:

‘I don’t know How Women Can Vote (For Trump)’

The whole Bush clan has come to a disagreement as former Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, has adamantly claimed he will not be voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming election. However, Jeb did not say he would vote for Hillary Clinton either. The uproar surrounding Bush Lauren’s Instagram post is baffling, as many members of the Bush family refuse to vote for Trump and will instead be voting for his competition, Clinton.

Bush Lauren is simply following suit with her grandfather and choosing the better of the two candidates, one that will run this nation as a whole rather than picking it apart one social class at a time.

Watch Barbara Bush’s view on Trump below.

Video courtesy of CBS This Morning via YouTube

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license.