Tiffany Trump HUMILIATES Donald Trump Live On TV, Blatantly Refuses His Kiss (VIDEO)


The most surprisingly cringe-worthy moment of Sunday night’s presidential debate came after it was over, when Tiffany Trump “skillfully” pulled away from her father’s apparent incoming kiss.

Tiffany has been referred to in varying capacities as the “forgotten” Trump child since she has made few public appearances on behalf of her father’s presidential campaign.

In addition, Tiffany was largely raised by her mother, Marla Maples, has no full siblings, and was even seated with the in-laws at Sunday’s debate.

One of the campaign-related public appearances she has made was at the Republican National Convention, where she tried to give a personal touch to her father’s presidential campaign.

She told the late July RNC crowd:

‘[My father’s] desire for excellence is contagious. He possesses a unique skill in bringing that trait out in others. My dad is a natural-born encourager, the last person who will ever tell you to lower your sights or give up your dreams.’

Her comments came as Trump’s other daughter, Ivanka, attempted to spin a more pro-feminist slant on her father’s campaign, a talking point which Ivanka has carried for the months following the convention.

No matter how well-meaning Trump’s daughters are, however, no volume of well-meaning remarks can erase the fact that, regardless of the awkward debate night encounter between Tiffany and her father, Donald Trump is a dangerous creep.

The dangerous aspect became even more highlighted when, last Friday, audio tapes were leaked featuring the Republican presidential candidate bragging back in 2005 about committing sexual assault.

Besides the tapes, Donald Trump has a long history of virulent sexism, a history symbolized by Tiffany and her father’s awkward encounter late Sunday night. Trump has, just in the election season, made an almost never-ending series of stomach turning remarks about women from Fox News, from journalist Megyn Kelly to Rosie O’Donnell.

The Republican presidential candidate even has a history of disturbing sexualization of his own daughters, having commented on multiple occasions that “if Ivanka wasn’t my daughter, I’d date her.”

Voters are far from unaware of Trump’s history of disturbing behavior, and most are clearly not interested in putting up with it, as the Republican presidential candidate has, as of early Monday morning, an only about one in ten chance of winning the presidency were the election to be held today, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Watch video of Tiffany dodging her father’s kiss below.

Featured Image via Scott Olson/ Getty Images