BREAKING: John McCain ANGRILY Announces Presidential Endorsement (DETAILS)


Republican Sen. John McCain finally had enough and yanked his support out from under Republican presidential nominee and unregistered alleged sex offender Donald Trump recently. Despite supporting him regardless of unregistered alleged sex offender Trump’s comments on prisoner of wars not being heroes (McCain being a former POW), GropeGate was the last straw for McCain, and he withdrew his support.

So, when asked who he would vote for during a debate with Democratic competitor for Senate, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Arizona, he revealed he couldn’t bring himself to vote for either unregistered alleged sex offender Trump or Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. NBC reported he will write in his super best friend forever, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina.

‘He’s an old, good friend of mine, and a lot of people like him. The fact is, seriously, I cannot vote for either one [Clinton or Trump].’

Mostly everyone in the political world knows McCain and Graham are best friends forever.

So, why now? After unregistered alleged sex offender Donald Trump’s egregious comments on those captured during war, McCain still maintained his support. But why would GropeGate be the last straw for McCain? He explained during the debate:

‘When Mr. Trump attacks women and demeans the women in our nation and our society, that is a point where I just have to part company. I have daughters, I have friends, I have so many wonderful people on my staff. They cannot be degraded and demeaned in that fashion.’

He did express that it was not easy to unendorse the nominee representing his own party and acknowledged unregistered alleged sex offender Trump won the primaries fairly.

‘It’s not pleasant for me to renounce the nominee of my party. He won the nomination fair and square.’

McCain also expressed that he is worried about the future of the GOP.

‘I worry about the future of the Republican Party. We are going to have a lot of work to do when this is over.’

The challenger for his Senate seat, Kirkpatrick, criticized McCain, pointing out the hypocrisy behind his actions.

‘He’s been trying to run from [unregistered alleged sex offender] Trump’s disparaging remarks for the last year while at the same time endorsing him over 60 times.’

Featured image via Getty Images/Jessica Kourkounis.