BREAKING: Questions For Final Debate Leaked Online, Prepare For INSANITY (DETAILS)


Did alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump think having Fox News host the final presidential debate would be a cakewalk? Not so fast, Donald. The debate topics are in, and things aren’t looking so good for The Donald.

For starters, alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump won’t get to casually swat at puffball questions tossed by the likes of Sean Hannity. Fox News reports the final presidential debate will be hosted by Chris Wallace…Who happens to be among the few respected actual journalists in the organization.

Nor do the debate topics bode well for alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump, as answering the questions will require a solid grasp of domestic and foreign policy.

  • Debt and entitlements: Expect Hillary Clinton to mop up the floor with her rival as he tries to scare people about social security and blame immigrants and minorities for our national debt.
  • Immigration: Mein Trumpf’s wall and other ridiculous immigration policy proposals will rally his base and offend everyone else.
  • The economy: Saying he’ll run the U.S. government like he runs his business won’t help, given what we now know about how Donald Trump runs his businesses.
  • The Supreme Court: This is the one among all the debate topics Donald Trump can’t screw up. All he has to do is convince Republicans he’ll appoint more troglodytes who don’t believe climate change or evolution exist to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Foreign hot spots: The Trumpkins will howl about Benghazi while everyone else shudders at the thought of Donald Trump’s twitchy little Twitter fingers on the nuclear codes.
  • Fitness for president: If Donald Trump thinks his “winning temperament” will win the day, he’d better think again.

So, how did what should have been a friendly field for the Republican candidate become a minefield instead? For starters, Fox News may be hosting the debate, but the Commission on Presidential Debates has a say in picking the moderator and the debate topics.

And, naturally, when alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump got wind of the presidential debate topics, he was livid. New York magazine reports the alleged unregistered sex offender fumed that the bipartisan group is “rigged” and said he’s “done” with it. During a rally in Florida, he declared that he might skip the last debate.

‘The head guy worked for Bill Clinton. Iyiyi! What a rigged deal this is, […] I have no respect for that group, by the way, I’m done.’

He’s referring to former press secretary to Bill Clinton, Mike Curry, of course. What alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump doesn’t mention is that the other CPD co-chair is Frank Fahrenkopf, a former Republican National Committee (RNC) chair.

Alas, as much as we’d love to not have to hear alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump discuss the various debate topics, Olivia Nuzzi from the Daily Beast assures us a Trump spokesman says he “looks forward to the third debate.”

Watch: Chris Wallace announces the final presidential debate topics, and the odds are not in Donald Trump’s favor.

Image/composite: Jeff Swenson via Getty Images (foreground); adamBHB via Getty Images (background) with Fox News chyron added.