Trump Admits To Being Sexual Predator In Stunning Video confession: ‘It’s True’ (VIDEO)


In 2006, alleged unregistered sex offender and Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, stopped by The Howard Stern Show and basically admitted to being a sexual predator:

‘It’s true.’

While promoting The Apprentice, Trump appeared on the popular show with shock jock Howard Stern and his daughter Ivanka and son Donald Jr.

After discussing the success of his show and his feud with TV personality and domestic goddess Martha Stewart, the conversation got a bit more personal when the subject turned to sex and dating. Stern grilled the 24-year-old Ivanka Trump on her dating life, which to her credit, she answered in a levelheaded and intelligent way. Stern did take things a bit too intimate and even asked her if she was still a virgin, asking her about her sex life with a former boyfriend:

‘You didn’t give in to him sexually? You’re still a virgin, I assume?’

But then Stern turned to her father, asking The Donald if he ever discussed sex with his daughter.

Trump said he did not, much to the astonishment of host Stern and his co-host Robin Quivers. Ivanka seemed determined to avoid the conversation:

‘I have a feeling we’re not going to hear… ‘

Stern then asked the alleged unregistered sex offender:

‘Maybe we need to bring this up. Donald, seriously, you know about sexual predators and things like that. I mean— ‘

Perhaps Stern thought that Trump should warn his own daughter against such indignities and assaults, but then co-host Robin Quivers cut in, laughing, and said to Trump, “You are one!”

The alleged unregistered sex offender, Donald Trump, just smiled, nodded his head, and said:

‘It’s true.’

Whatever can be said about Donald Trump’s lifestyle, his string of marriages and infidelities, and now a leaked tape of him bragging about sexually assaulting women, it’s no reach to say that the Trumpster Fire of the Republican Party has cultivated a very specific persona over the last 30 years that portray him as a player.

New allegations of his sexually aggressive approach to women are being revealed as his campaign for president enters its final weeks, limping in on the heels of money and sex scandals from every direction.

His business strategy of investing in a culture of “sin, luxury, and excess” simply can’t be ignored. Whether or not this persona is a true reflection of Trump’s personality or is simply a marketing ploy to add tone to his brand is not the point. That his poor judgement makes him think that he can be made over in the public eye as a Christian conservative in the course of 18 short months just shows how deluded he is about his own abilities.

You can watch the entire embarrassing interview below in the video courtesy of YouTube.

Featured image via Getty Images