BREAKING: Miami Herald Makes DEVASTATING Donald Trump Announcement (DETAILS)


And another news outlet joins the Hillary Clinton endorsement club.

The Miami Herald Editorial Board has officially endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for president.

They were quick to note this wasn’t about picking the lesser of two evils. They addressed that first and ended it with a strong insult for Republican presidential nominee alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump.

‘It is not about choosing between a bad candidate and a worse one. The narrative that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils is patently wrong. Ms. Clinton is a pragmatic, tough-minded woman of accomplishment and political conviction with a demonstrated mastery of policy. She is politically flawed. However, Donald Trump is a damaged human being.’

Furthermore, they added that the election wasn’t about the common man vs. the elite, which is a common belief that has revolved around this election since the very beginning in the primaries.

‘It’s not about an entertaining, shoot-from-the-hip renegade outsider taking on a mainstay of the entrenched political elite. That was Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden back in 2008. No, Mr. Trump is the elite, one who has managed to talk a good game to fire up frustrated and frightened mostly white Americans with a campaign of hate and xenophobia.

‘For her part, Ms. Clinton has used her insider status to work aggressively on behalf of the disenfranchised, here and around the world. She has not won every battle, but she fights the good fight, and she fights the right ones in the name of equality and democracy.’

Moreover, they noted that putting Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton, back in the White House was not what the election was about.

The Herald then got into the most important part — what the election is actually about. They wrote:

‘Most starkly, our values, our national identity, and even the enduring power of the Constitution are in question – and at stake.’

They then acknowledged Clinton was the best candidate for the highest office in the United States.

‘And Hillary Clinton is by far the best person in this race to lead us to a definition of which we can be proud. She will protect the best interests of this nation, its standing on the world stage and even democracy itself.’

So, how do they defend all the gaffes and mistakes Clinton is well-known for making? They acknowledged her campaign was “not spotless.” They noted her faults and mistakes, including her inability to quickly “admit error.” They also mentioned the shroud of secrecy that surrounds her saying, “…she has shown a penchant for secrecy and an unfortunate tendency to dismiss legitimate criticism as uninformed or ill-intentioned.”

Despite all that, they acknowledged what she does offer.

‘But what she offers is an actual record of accomplishment and a willingness to take on hard challenges. Throughout her career, Ms. Clinton has been a leader, not a follower.

‘…But in that instance and so many others she had the courage to speak up, as when she declared in Beijing in 1995 that women’s rights are human rights.’

They also noted the fact she’s been a pioneer in crucial issues we still face today.

‘She has fought for the right causes. She was one of the first on the national level to press for ways to stop gun violence and to protect the planet from climate change. She has been a lifelong advocate of children and families, championing the Children’s Health Insurance Program that now covers millions of lower-income kids.’

The Miami Herald did not just shine a flattering spotlight on Clinton. They also pointed a spotlight directly on alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump and just why he’s wholly unfit for the presidency.

They summed it up perfectly when they wrote this description of the alleged unregistered sex offender.

‘The billionaire Republican candidate is a boastful, self-centered egomaniac who lacks a record of public service or familiarity with the issues. Indeed, he clearly seems to lack any political convictions whatsoever, except those of convenience.

‘He’s the star of this political reality show of his own making, a sick parody of a real political contest. He’s the ringmaster of a circus that attempts to conceal his lack of gravity by relying on the entertainment value of insults, exaggerations, lies, and promises completely devoid of credibility and substance, characterized by his pie-in-the-sky vow to “make America great again.”‘

They laid some blame on the media’s coverage of the election, citing the media as having “irresponsibly valued style points and show biz over facts.”

They went into a more complex description highlighting Trump’s failings.

‘His repeated demonization of Mexicans, immigrants, women, and African Americans, among others, has brought campaign rhetoric to its nadir. His vile words in that 2005 Access Hollywood video were not so much a revelation, but rather more of the same sordid history. His business dealings have been called into question; he has threatened to abandon our allies while praising our enemies; he has claimed to have a secret plan to defeat ISIS and boasted that he knows more about the terrorist group than America’s generals, insulting some prominent military veterans and war heroes along the way. He has waffled on torture, abortion, and his proposed ban on Muslims; he has claimed repeatedly that he’ll force Mexico to pay for a border wall.’

They then talked about the risk he poses to the Constitutional rights of Americans, noting his penchant for disallowing reporters access to his campaign, the fact he promised to put Clinton in prison during the second debate, his hyperfocus on Muslims (religious freedom), and the list goes on.

They summed up Clinton vs. alleged unregistered sex offender Trump by saying:

‘The sum of all her flaws amounts to little compared to Donald Trump’s total lack of fitness for the presidency.’

They wrapped it up poignantly and ended with their endorsement of Clinton.

The Miami Herald:

‘The priority of every voter who cares about standards of honesty and decency, not to mention the future and direction of this country, is to reject what Donald Trump represents. America does not need an arrogant, self-absorbed charlatan in the Oval Office. It needs a steady hand in perilous times, a voice of compassion in pursuing policies that help, not hurt, the disenfranchised; a leader capable of narrowing, if not healing, this nation’s divisions.

‘For all these reasons, the Miami Herald recommends HILLARY CLINTON for president of the United States.’

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