‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Sickened By ‘Alleged Unregistered Sex Offender’ Donald Trump (VIDEO)


Like most of us, Trevor Noah is repulsed by the alleged unregistered sex offender and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and his appalling Access Hollywood video. The host of the The Daily Show dug into the idea that a 59-year-old man spoke this way and how his words drilled a fundamental emotional reaction in every women who has been exposed to similar experiences.

With only 28 days to go before the national election, Noah is concerned that the country is going to be caught up in peeling back the layers of the alleged sexual predator. Noah said:

‘Who would’ve thought? The guy who says he forces himself on women actually forces himself on women.’

The Daily Show on Thursday gave Noah the opportunity to tell his audience how sickened he is about all the many claims of sexual harassment by the alleged unregistered sexual offender, Trump. Every day seems to bring forth another woman who says the Republican presidential candidate assaulted her.

But Noah is also came down hard on those who deny these accusations ever happened:

‘I’m disgusted by what Trump allegedly did to these women, but, in a way, I’m more disgusted by the people trying to protect him. Think about it. Trump says he does the thing.

Women say, ‘Yeah, he did the thing.’ And then, all of a sudden, people are like, ‘No, it’s not real.” The alleged unregistered sex offender Trump appalled Noah:

‘Who would’ve thought the guy who said he forces himself on women, actually forces himself on women?’

The Daily Show host was incredulous about the “he said — she said” argument that all the Trump surrogates were throwing out. Noah said:

‘He said he did it in the first place!’

The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper traveled to a Pennsylvania rally to talk to the billionaire’s supporters and see what they had to say about the allegations. One man wearing a “Trump—Grab ‘Em While You Can” shirt said:

‘I wish I could grab as much pussy as he has.’

One of the women at the rally said:

‘No matter what he says or does I would still vote for him.’

Another man interviewed by Klepper said he had been talking to a lot of the women at the rally. The man said:

‘Half of them would love to have their pussies snatched by Donald Trump. One man’s sexual assault is another man’s flirtation.’

Then Noah took a commercial break, probably so he could go vomit.

Check out Noah’s remarkable video below:


Featured Image: ABC News.
H/T: The Daily Show.