JUST IN: New York City Reveals Donald Trump NEVER Gave Promised 9/11 Donations (DETAILS)


Alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump likes to brag about all the money he’s given to the victims of the terrorist attack that rocked New York City on September 11, 2001. As the cover story for The New York Daily News reminds voters today, however, this is yet another positive in the Trump column that doesn’t really exist.

The GOP nominee insists that one of his more admirable attributes are his contributions to charity, particularly a large donation he made to 9/11 victims and responders after the terrorist attacks. An investigation by city controller Scott Stringer, however, proved that this is just another of the alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump’s lies, although it’s quite a bit more of a heinous lie than many he’s told.

‘For the periods covered by the audits, we did not find any record of a donation from Trump himself or a Trump entity to either the Twin Towers Fund or the New York City Public/Private Initiatives Inc.’

The “periods covered by the audits” included only the first year after the attacks, and in that time frame, Trump did not make a single donation to any charity for victims and responders after September 11, 2001.

Alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump did pledge to donate $10,000. He was even thanked for it quite publicly on The Howard Stern show.


Trump did nothing to correct the record at the time and has used this pledge to insist that he has contributed to the important work of rebuilding NYC and helping those affected by the attacks. However, he never honored that pledge, and has said nothing since to correct the misguided belief that he did.

The Daily News also reviewed every Form 990, which provides financial information for nonprofit companies or charities, for the Donald J. Trump Foundation from 2001 through 2014. There are no donations to the Twin Towers Fund or the NYC Public-Private Initiative listed.’

As a matter of fact, alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump has only made one donation in relation to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Using donor money from The Trump Foundation, to which the foundation’s namesake hasn’t donated any of his own money in years, to donate $100,000 to the 9/11 Museum efforts.

That was in April of 2016, after Ted Cruz (R-TX) made a public spectacle of himself criticizing alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump for his “New York values” during a primary debate.

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