Fox News Host Turns Against Network & GOP LIVE On Air: ‘I’m Done!’ (VIDEO)


Dana Perino, co-host for The Five on the Fox News network announced that she has had enough on Friday’s edition of the show. Perino says she is so fed up with Republicans backing alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump that she will no longer come to their defense.

Perino, former White House press secretary under George W. Bush, has been steadily distancing herself from the Trump campaign over the last week. After the debate on Sunday night, she tweeted a storm of criticism aimed at the nominee and at the GOP in general.

Then Friday, during the panel discussion on The Five, she stated vehemently that she’s no longer willing to put up with any defense of Trump and his history of sexual assault. Perino said she’s sick and tired of Trump “talking about all of his accusers” rather than focusing on attacking his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

‘He was up there for three hours today, giving a speech. If you want people to focus on WikiLeaks, then you need to talk about it, not just talk about all of your accusers and then insult them.’

Perino also said she was angry that some Republicans were still defending their nominee, despite his history of sexually aggressive behavior and numerous complaints by women that he had either harassed or assaulted them in an aggressive way. Perino admitted to the panel:

‘The Republicans that are defending this are really irritating me. I’ve been like Mount Vesuvius all day.’

Indicating Ben Carson as one of the worst offenders, Perino said that she was furious with them defending Donald Trump’s long history of sexually assaulting and harassing women. Recently, a number of women have complained that the Republican nominee has displayed sexually aggressive behavior toward them, while tapes of Donald Trump bragging about molesting female acquaintances have been released, making unseemly remarks about underage girls, and admitting that he was a sexual predator have come to light in recent weeks. The Republican nominee settled a sexual harassment suit filed by Jill Harth back in 1997, but other women have come forward recently, including one that claimed that Donald Trump raped her when she was 13 years old.

After two of the other panel members joked that her mic was going to be cut off because of these statements, Perino said:

‘Yeah, because women should be seen and not heard, apparently.

‘After 20 years of defending these guys, done.’

You can watch the video from Friday’s edition of The Five below.

Perino also offered some pointed criticism of the civil war being waged within the GOP camp on Monday afternoon, after the debate.

Like many other female Republicans, as well as George W. Bush staffers, it sounds like Dana Perino has had it with the Republican Party.

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