JUST IN: Bernie Sanders Fans REJOICE After Likely New Government Position Announced


Bernie fans, rejoice.

What came as a morbidly dismal announcement from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is actually a welcome piece of information for those who supported the Democratic socialist’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Ryan spoke Friday afternoon at a town hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Republican leader and former Republican vice presidential candidate addressed in his remarks the very real possibility that Democrats take the majority in the US Senate in the upcoming elections.

This possibility is bolstered by the demise of alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, a demise so dramatic that the entire Republican Party is slowly but surely going down with Trump.

In the wake of such a party-wide calamity, Ryan himself has effectively parted ways with Trump, opting instead to focus on efforts to keep Republicans in Congress.

What Ryan identified Friday as an outcome of this supposedly doomsday scenario isn’t actually so dismal to those concerned with such progressive values as Sanders busied himself with throughout his campaign.

That’s because, according to Ryan, if the Democrats take majority party control of the US Senate, then Bernie Sanders may suddenly wield immense power over control of the nation’s finances.

Ryan told the assembled Wisconsin crowd:

‘If we lose the Senate, do you know who becomes the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee? A guy named Bernie Sanders, you ever heard of him?’

So how high is the chance that what Ryan spells out actually goes down come November?

Well, FiveThirtyEight gives the Democrats the leading edge in the race for control of the Senate, putting the chances of a Democratic majority come November at just over six in ten, while the Republican Party sits at a corresponding about four in ten of taking the Senate majority come Election Day.

With such factors as a Clinton landslide handing the Democrats Senate victories in places like Florida – and the chances for that landslide getting ever higher- a Democratic majority in the Senate after the upcoming election is highly likely – meaning that Bernie Sanders being in charge of the Senate budget committee is increasingly likely as well.

Featured below is the FiveThirtyEight map of the chances for victory for each major party in all of the states which have US Senate races this year. Blue states correspond to expected Democratic victories, while red states correspond to expected Republican victories. Darker shades indicate a higher chance of victory for the leading party in that state.

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Image via Screenshot from FiveThirtyEight

Featured Image via Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images.