JUST IN: Glenn Beck Makes VERY Surprising Michelle Obama Announcement (QUOTES/VIDEO)


Michelle Obama delivered a tsunami-like speech that was the “most effective political speech” since Reagan, according to Glenn Beck. The first lady connected with the audience as they sat mesmerized.

The least likely talk show host was in awe of Mrs. Obama and applauded her event on his Friday radio program. Glenn Beck said:

‘The audience was pin-drop quiet. It connected. Whether you like to believe it or not, whether I want to believe it or not, it connected. And it was powerful.’

Beck urged his listeners to hear it, because her speeches’ impact is devastating. He says the Democratic Party has “co-opted women voters:’

‘If you haven’t heard Michelle Obama’s most recent speech, you need to. Why? Because whether or not you believe a word of it, the impact was devastating.’

He said that the Republicans have lost their relationship with women in a powerful way:

‘We’ve switched places. We don’t control the narrative, and we don’t control the culture. They do. They control the language. You cannot fight them on things like this. They win . . . we have become them. And now, they’ve decided that this is all wrong.’

The conservative talk show host was honest about the first lady’s speech:

‘I want to start with the most effective speech, the most effective political speech I have heard since Ronald Reagan. It kills me to say that. I don’t — I don’t think this is necessarily genuine. I think she does believe these things. But it was very well done.’

Beck spoke about how his party has lost the “argument on economics:’

‘I will tell you, if you want to look at what the conservatives have lost in this campaign — we have lost the argument on economics. Can anybody remember what the number $787 billion is about? Do you remember what it is? Anybody?’

The conservative questioned the audience about why that number is important. After all, they said that number about the stimulus package “nine million times” to condemn President Barack Obama’s spending effort.

Beck asked how much Trump’s child care bill costs. The answer is “up to $680 billion. In other words, he said it is $100 billion shy of:

‘The biggest number any of us had ever heard the government spend.’

That number doesn’t even include the GOP’s candidate’s $550 billion plus stimulus plan. Glenn continued. The real estate mogul intends to spend more than $1 trillion on just two items, “a stimulus and one child care package:”

‘So we’ve lost the economic high ground. We are — we have proven ourselves to be, what? Liars? We don’t care if it’s our side. We don’t care what anybody does, as long as they don’t do it economically.’

‘Small government. Single-payer health care system. He has said it over and over again. He will do a — he will repeal and replace, with a single-payer health care system. Universal health care. We’ve lost that argument.’

Then Beck delved into Mrs. Obama’s compassion and the Republican candidate’s lack of compassion. After all, the alleged unregistered sexual offender Donald Trump wants to go over and kill the families of terrorists. So what happened to compassionate conservatism?:

‘Instead of saying, “We have ICE. We have to empower ICE to do their job.” He says, “We’ll have a deportation force.” Compassionate conservatism, if it even existed: Gone.’

Beck reached into the heart of his party’s flaws. It no longer controls the media nor the narrative, not the culture and not the language:

‘You cannot fight them on things like this. They win. Especially when you have a guy who has shown that he is into cronyism, corruption, compassion is gone, small government, economics. We have become them.

The radio host declares his party’s failures:

‘Who do you think is going to win? Women are going to leave us in droves because they will be effective where we are not.

‘And in the meantime, we’ve lost our religious institutions. Because our religious institutions don’t stand for principles or morals anymore. We are losing ourselves.’

Glenn Beck is right. Michelle Obama is right.

Check out Michelle Obama’s speech in this video below:

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, Creative Commons License, minor modification.
H/T: Glenn Beck.