Ann Coulter Attempts To Defend Trump’s Sexual Assault, Gets Humiliated INSTANTLY (DETAILS)


Right-wing talking head Ann Coulter tried — and failed — on Friday to defend alleged unregistered sex offender and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recently revealed past behavior.

Audio tapes from 2005 were leaked the Friday before the recently held second of three presidential debates, tapes which feature Trump bragging about “grabbing women by the p*ssy” to entertainment journalist and now former NBC anchor, Billy Bush.

Trump asserted to CNN’s Anderson Cooper at the second debate that his words were just that, words. Trump claimed in response to Cooper’s questioning over whether or not the presidential candidate grasped his comments as bragging about sexual assault that he had never actually turned the behavior which he described into reality.

In the days following the debate, however, multiple women came forward with their stories of Trump sexually assaulting them in various capacities over a time span of several decades.

After this series of disturbing events, Donald Trump’s poll and electoral college numbers effectively took a nosedive off a cliff. Trump freaked — more than he had already — and turned to disturbingly Hitler-esque rhetoric in his rally speeches, describing at one point a band of “international bankers” who are “conspiring” to end U.S. sovereignty.

And with all of this going down in the Republican Party, paraprofessional b*tcher Ann Coulter ran as if to the rescue on Friday, tweeting critical statements about those — specifically soon to be former first lady Michelle Obama — who have taken Trump to task over his remarks in the leaked tapes.

Her tweet is featured below, quoting what she says is a Beyonce lyric.

What Coulter suggests is that since Beyonce sings such an explicit lyric that Michelle Obama is in no place to criticize Trump over what his supporters explain away as “locker room talk.” Obama spoke out against Trump at a recent Hillary Clinton rally.

Coulter didn’t even get the lyric right, though, and neither did she get right the performer who actually sings it, which is Nicki Minaj.

Twitter users were quick to point out Coulter’s error.

The actual lyric, for the record, is “curvalicious, p*ssy served delicious.”

And then there’s the matter of Coulter’s actual argument. What she says with her tweet is that talk of consensual sexual activity on the part of Minaj is somehow on par with Trump’s behavior, which has drawn multiple women out of the shadows to tell their stories of his non-consensual sexual advances.

That’s what musician Mikel Jollett spelled out in his reply tweet to Coulter, which repeats over and over again that “sexual talk doesn’t equal sexual assault.”

In other words, nice try, Coulter, but you have — unsurprisingly — made a fool of yourself.

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