BREAKING: ‘Charlotte Observer’ Makes Announcement That Will DESTROY The GOP (DETAILS)


The Charlotte Observer, a major city newspaper in the deep red state of North Carolina, just did the unthinkable. Instead of endorsing GOP Gov. Pat McCrory, as they have for every office he’s run for over the past 25 years, they picked his Democratic challenger, Roy Cooper.

The Charlotte Observer‘s decision to turn against Pat McCrory this time around has a lot to do with HB2, the governor’s cluelessly cruel and hateful fustercluck of a “bathroom bill” forcing transgender people to use public restrooms for the gender entered on their birth certificate.

‘It was a hateful and self-defeating bill, and it will be McCrory’s legacy.’

Not only did the bill make the state a laughingstock, it’s hurt North Carolina’s economy as well. Back in April, Bipartisan Report estimated Pat McCrory’s bathroom bill would cost the state over $24 million this year.

The final price tag as of October? Over $299 billion and counting.

At least one of The Charlotte Observer’s editors the one who gave the go-ahead for the story below — also likely felt some concern for LGBTQ people’s safety in the wake of McCrory’s hate-legitimizing Bathroom Bill.

Pat McCrory’s rival Rory McCooper opposes HB2, of course.

And then, there are…Gov. Pat McCrory’s “other policies.”

Oh, and then there’s what the Charlotte Observer‘s editorial board refers to as Pat McCrory’s “other policies.”  Like the most restrictive abortion and voting laws in the nation.

‘McCrory has signed enough bad legislation to fill a library, and his administration has enacted one misguided policy after another. He supported new restrictions on abortion after promising he wouldn’t. He signed what many experts have called the nation’s most restrictive voting laws.’

As if that’s not bad enough, there’s all that other stuff… Like letting Duke Energy off easy after their coal ash spill, cutting education spending, and pettily depriving uninsured North Carolinians access to health care by refusing to expand Medicaid.

He has been soft on his former employer, Duke Energy, after a catastrophic coal ash spill. He has been tepid in raising teacher pay, while cutting teacher assistants and other education spending. He refused to accept billions of dollars from the federal government to provide health insurance to the poor.’

Which brings us to another problem: The Charlotte Observer explains that Gov. Pat McCrory let North Carolina’s hard-right GOP legislature run amok.

‘McCrory has been spineless before Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speakers Thom Tillis and Tim Moore. Cooper would offer more resistance and, if Democrats pick up a handful of House seats, would use his veto to stop the legislature’s most egregious ideas.’

Plus, there are the Democratic candidate’s overwhelming qualifications for the office he seeks. Pat McCrory had no state-level government experience when he took office “and it has shown.” Roy Cooper, on the other hand, played a leading role in the state legislature and then served as attorney general for 16 years. They also appreciate the challenger’s vision.

‘Cooper has a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish, built largely on investing in public education and creating a well-trained workforce that will feed a growing economy and strengthen the middle class.’

Because, when push comes to shove, Pat McCrory fell victim to the Peter Principle, because he’s finally hit his level of incompetence.

‘McCrory’s term as North Carolina governor is the ultimate illustration of the Peter Principle: that people are promoted based on their past performance and not the abilities needed for the new role and thus rise to the level of their incompetence. McCrory has certainly done that.’

Buh-bye, Gov. Pat McCrory.

Featured image: Composite with cc 2016 the NEA (N.C. state capitol) via Flickr and cc 2008 James Willamor (Pat McCrory) via Flickr.