BREAKING: Horrific Explosion Kills DOZENS Of Innocent People, ISIS Claims Responsibility Instantly


At least 47 people have been confirmed dead this morning after a group of terrorist attacks, and terrorist organization, ISIL, has claimed responsibility for at least one of those attacks. That bombing proved to be the deadliest attack to take place in Iraq’s capital of Baghdad since summer.

According to Al Jazeera, the deadliest attack happened on Saturday, when:

“a suicide bomber targeted a funeral gathering in northern Baghdad, killing at least 35 people and wounding 63.”

Reports indicate the suicide bomber walked into a funeral tent, as lunch was being served, and detonated his vest. The ground afterwards was painted red with the blood of innocents, and shards of the white plastic chairs in which the victims were seated.

Image courtesy of Al Jazeera

The last attack in Baghdad took place in July. Over 300 people were killed when a suicide bomber detonated his vest in a crowded shopping center. According to police:

“Also on Saturday, armed men attacked two other areas north of Baghdad, killing a further 12 people.”

In Malha, suicide bombers attacked a “federal police position,” killing eight and wounding 11 more. Also, in Samarra, two men brutally murdered the wife and three children of a commander of local tribal forces. Those men escaped, but later detonated themselves after being cornered by police.

Iraqi officials have predicted a massive “ground attack” that could take place as early as this month. Reports indicate that the attacks will be backed by US air power, Kurdish security forces and Shia and Sunni irregular units.

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