Melania Trump & Nicki Minaj Get In Twitter War, This WILL End Badly (TWEETS)


Several celebrities have come out in opposition to alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump, but Nicki Minaj opted, instead, to attack Melania Trump. During her show, the rapper got political when she insisted that Mrs. Trump was not strong enough to be First Lady.

She argued that strong leaders need strong spouses and that Mrs. Trump simply wasn’t up to the job of being First Leader.

‘Barack needed Michelle. and Bill needed a motherf*cking Hillary. You better pray to God you don’t get stuck with a motherf*cking Melania.’

During Minaj’s rant, she also jokingly accused some of the men in her audience of being “intimidated” by a “queen.” Minaj may have been joking, but we’ve seen a few of Trump’s surrogates actually make the case that a woman shouldn’t be in charge.

After the show, Minaj took to Twitter to clarify her comments, where she said she thought that Mrs. Trump was “nice,” but simply unfit for the position of First Lady.

‘Wasn’t “dragging”. She seems nice. But a smart man knows he needs a certain “kind” of woman when running for President/attempting greatness’

Obviously, the role of First Lady/Man isn’t as important as who becomes president, but there is a precedent for First Ladies using their position to influence policy. For instance, Eleanor Roosevelt served as a delegate to the United Nations and helped draft the Universal Declaration On Human Rights. During Bill Clinton’s first term, Hilary fought for better healthcare. Michelle Obama has focused her efforts on combating obesity and promoting a healthy lifestyle for children.

We don’t mean to attack Mrs. Trump, who from what we’ve seen, does appear a nice enough person — despite her husband — but we can’t help but wonder what her legacy as First Lady would be.

Minaj’s support of Clinton has been well-documented in outlets such as Billboard.

‘Obviously, I identify with her struggles as a woman. I identify with the fact that when she’s in that room and there are nothing but men there — there’s sometimes something in her that must feel intimidated. But I think that she uses that and turns it into a strength. Because that’s what I’ve always done. And so I love her for sticking it out. She has gone through horrifying things, even within her marriage. She has been brave and weathered the storm. And continued being a boss. That’s something that every woman should feel inspired by, no matter if you’re voting for her or not.’

You can watch the video of Minaj below:

Featured image via Twitter.