Amy Schumer Gets Booed By ‘As*hole’ Trump Fans, Her Response Was PERFECT (VIDEO)


Maybe Amy Schumer shouldn’t have talked about politics Sunday night during her comedy show in Tampa. On the other hand, it’s not like fans don’t know what they’re getting when they buy that ticket. And did you really think this unchained comedian would say nothing about the alleged unregistered sex offender known as Donald Trump?

The Tampa Bay Times reports over 10,000 people turned out to see Amy Schumer. She first gave a not-quite apology for the joking comment she wrote in her book, “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo,” about Tampanians not knowing how to read.

‘Please don’t get it twisted: I f—ing love Tampa, okay? I do. That’s the truth. It is the only place I’ve ever had a one-night stand. And so it is forever in my heart as an amazing city.’

But then she managed to offend some of Tampa’s denizens again. After the usual oversharing on sex and dating experiences, Amy Schumer declared:

‘You know what I love? A famous guy that will just take me furniture shopping and just straight up grab my p*ssy.’

When Donald Trump’s supporters objected, she picked one from the crowd and asked him to come up on stage. The man introduced himself as Dave, a lawyer and RINO (Republican in name Only) who hasn’t actually voted for any Republicans since the rise of Ronald Reagan.

Amy Schumer thanked him for joining her and assured him that she “in no way wants to shame” him.

‘I just really want to know…So tell me why Trump has your vote?’

“Because I can’t trust Hillary [Clinton],” Dave answered. He then explained that he does have issues with “some of the stuff he says,” but assures her, “I’m not really voting for Trump, I’m voting against Hillary.”  Amy Schumer then asks:

‘Do you get worried at all with how impulsive he is? Do you worry he’ll be impulsive and get us in a lot of f—ing trouble we can’t get out of?’

The comedian thanked him, declaring:

‘It was really cool to hear why one guy — who doesn’t seem like a psychopath — might want to vote for an orange, sexually assaulting, fake college-starting monster.’

The Trumpkins started angrily booing and heckling, even as Amy Schumer warned them:

‘From now on, if you yell out, you’re going to get thrown out. […] So everybody point to the people booing.’

When the crowd quieted down, she said, “Okay. So…Go.” And around 200 of the Donald Trump supporters left. Now, you might say Amy Schumer shouldn’t have brought politics into her show. But as the old adage goes, “the personal is the political.”  Since Amy Schumer has been a victim of sexual assault, she’s got every reason to go after Donald Trump. She also spoke about our need for tougher gun laws, as she’s done since a man shot two people dead in a Louisiana theater during a screening of her movie, “Trainwreck.”

Watch: Amy Schumer tells booing fans if they don’t like her views on Donald Trump, they can leave.

If the above video gets taken down, try this one.

Featured image: Ida Mae Astute via Getty Images with video screengrab from Amy Schumer’s performance in Tampa.