Racists Leave ‘Trump Car’ In ‘Black Neighborhood’, What Happened Is DISGUSTING (HIDDEN VIDEO)


Joey Salads is a Youtuber who films himself conducting what he calls “social experiments.” The illustrious filmmaker has conducted experiments in which he attempted to buy other people’s wives, hid a gun for children to find to see what they would do, and stood in what he referred to as a “black neighborhood” with an All Lives Matter sign.

Joey Salads is a real classy guy.

A specific segment of YouTube commenters, however, flock to his videos. Salads gets hundreds of thousands of views on his ridiculous little displays and each video only seems to get worse. For instance, Salads decided to park a car with stickers that promote alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump all over it in what, again, he referred to as a “black neighborhood” to see what would happen to it. His fans lapped it up with a spoon.

Of course, not long after Salads parked the vehicle and stood back with his hidden camera, first one and then a group of black men in hoodies came to trash and then walk away into the apartment building behind the car. Of course, that’s what black people do, right? Salads’ fans were in agreement and came out in full force with the exact racism-fueled response that Salads was hoping to get.








The commenters never thought to question whether or not the experiment was real, or if Joey Salads “proved” something in his video that was exactly what he wanted to prove, and that he may have done so because he set it up that way. Their racism and hatred were validated by the video, which was its exact purpose.

They also don’t question Joey Salads on his closing thoughts, in which he says that people of color were both hanging out the window yelling “F*ck Trump” after the car was vandalized and readily admitting that they secretly supported Trump but were afraid to say so.

‘I talked to some of the spectators who were black and they said that they did, low-key, support Trump but they’re afraid of the backlash from their community.’

Sure they did. Just take Joey Salads’s word for it.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube