JUST IN: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange CAUGHT In Alleged Sex Chat With Child (REPORTS)


An alleged sex chat with an 8-year-old got internet service yanked from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He is locked away in exile at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London already, and now he is stuck in an internet-free zone. So what is the deal with this guy?

A dating site ToddandClare.com hired Assange earlier in 2016, after he approached them, to work on their KATIA project. The project allows women to safely date someone they meet online.

According to ToddandClare.com, the KATIA Project was been praised by MIT professor Noam Chomsky in May 2016. The formal mission of the KATIA Project is to:

‘Publicly raising the awareness of women’s rights and bringing the injustices faced by female rape victims, being dismissed, shamed, and accused of lying by male perpetrators.’

When ToddandClare.com wanted to participate in the UN Global Compact program, the site had to release company records to the UN. Those records included any legal interactions with Assange.

ToddandClare.com reported to the UN that it has begun court proceedings against Assange, after it found the Royal Bahamas Police Force was investigating him, according to reports on prweb.com.

The problem came to the police force’s attention on June 8. Assange approached the site as a #HeForShe (man for woman) Ambassador to an anti-rape campaign.

It seems a Canadian family on vacation in the Bahamas contacted the police on Sept. 28. They said Assange “sexually molested online” their 8-year-old daughter, while he was on the ToddandClare.com site.

Apparently, Assange propositioned her “to perform oral and anal sex acts” while she was on her 22-year-old sister’s ToddandClare.com site. There is no indication whether or not the family recorded these sites, but they were certain Assange was the perpetrator.

The reason Assange is in asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy is to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he would face rape charges. When the Embassy officials found out about the Royal Bahamas police investigation, they were less than happy about the situation and yanked Assange’s internet access.

ToddandClare.com’s legal position officially submitted has been officially submitted to the United Nations Secretary General, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and UN Women.

With Assange releasing hacked Hillary Clinton emails piecemeal, is it possible that he no longer can do that without internet access?

The WikiLeaks founder is actively working to take down Clinton, paving the way for the alleged unreported sex offender Trump to win the presidential election. Ironically, they are both accused of dirty-old-men activities.


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