BREAKING: BuzzFeed Drops Pre-Debate Bombshell, Ivanka Trump Racist Tirade Uncovered (TWEETS)


The daughter of alleged unregistered sex offender and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, appeared at a woman’s conference in California the day after her stepmother, Melania Trump, gave an interview on CNN. The two women shared a common goal: to try to salvage the shreds of alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump’s reputation with women.

Unlike her stepmother, Ivanka Trump did not blame Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush for her father’s confessions of sexual assault in the leaked 2005 audio from a conversation in which the GOP nominee said that, as a wealthy star, he can “do anything” to women, even “grab them by the p*ssy.” She roundly condemned her father’s disgusting words, as well she should, and expressed her disbelief at hearing them.

‘That’s not language consistent with any conversation I’ve ever had with him, so it was a bit jarring for me to hear.’

Buzzfeed’s founder and CEO, Jonah Peretti, dropped a bomb on Twitter challenging the GOP nominee’s daughter’s words.

For those who’ve never heard the outdated and racist term “mulatto,” it is a term meaning “of mixed heritage” but was generally used in this country during slave days to refer to the child of a black slave woman raped by her white slave owner. Ivanka Trump was casually remarking that she would enjoy seeing the penis of a man with a white parent and a black parent.

It is rather ironic to hear the alleged unregistered sex offender’s daughter claim to be shaken up by her father’s talk of sex since he has done so publicly and in her presence many times. Ivanka Trump appeared on The Howard Stern Show with her father when he admitted to being a sexual predator as if he were quite proud of that, and her father told the shock jock radio host it was acceptable to refer to Ivanka as “a piece of ass.” She also appeared alongside alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump on The Wendy Williams Show when her father was asked about his favorite thing that he has in common with his daughter, Ivanka, and he answered, “sex.”

Now she’s shocked to hear her father say disgusting things about women and confess to sexual assault? We’re not buying that, either.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube