JUST IN: Indiana Republican Offices ATTACKED, Inside Job Suspected (DETAILS)


According to the Delaware County Republican Party, vandals struck their office with two landscaping bricks.

The group’s Facebook page showed campaign signs for alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump and Todd Young were hanging from the office’s window at the time of the attack on October 8th.

The following pictures were posted to their Facebook page to show the damage of the vandalization:

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Image via Facebook.

According to officials, costs for replacing the windows are estimated at around $1,200 dollars. The Delaware County GOP swiftly set up an online donation form for anyone interested in assisting costs of the repairs.

Delaware County Sheriff Ray Dudley told reporters that his office has received reports of campaign signs being taken from yards in Yorktown and Mount Pleasant Township area following this week, following the trashing of the local GOP office.

According to Dudley, removing signs without permission is a criminal offence under Indiana’s criminal code. He claims the reports are being taken seriously and his office intends to find perpetrators.

The vandalism in Delaware County seemingly preceded a similar event in North Carolina, where an Orange County Republican headquarters in Hillsborough was firebombed early Sunday morning. According to local officials, a building across the street was spray painted with a swastika and the apparent threat “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.”

The town of Hillsborough gave Fox59 the following details:

‘The flammable substance appears to have ignited inside the building, burned some furniture and damaged the building’s interior before going out. The substance was housed in a bottle thrown through one of the building’s front windows.’

Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens gave the following statement to the press, saying:

‘I believe I speak for the overwhelming majority of people who make Hillsborough their home: Acts like this have no place in our community. Our law enforcement officials are responding quickly and thoroughly to investigate this reprehensible act and prosecute the perpetrators.’

North Carolina is a key swing state in the presidential election between Clinton and Trump. Both candidates took to Twitter to condemn the act of violence:

Naturally, alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump responded in a slightly less mature fashion than Clinton, tweeting:

Feature Image via Fox59.