JUST IN: President Obama Makes PERFECT Pre-Debate Announcement, Trump IRATE (DETAILS)


President Obama responded Wednesday afternoon through White House press secretary and top presidential spokesman, Josh Earnest, to the invitation that alleged unregistered sex offender and Republican presidential nominee extended to Obama’s half-brother, Malik, for the lesser known Obama to come to the final debate as Trump’s VIP guest.

Obama, as is hardly a surprising or new position, isn’t exactly interested in engaging with the Republican presidential nominee’s antics, antics which have become significantly more flagrant and dramatic as Trump’s chances at the presidency plummet just a few weeks ahead of Election Day.

According to The Hill, Earnest said of the invitation that he doesn’t “anticipate the president has spent a great deal of time thinking about it.”

When pressed to explain his thoughts on the invitation, Earnest said that he really didn’t get the point beyond an attempt to get reporters to “ask me about it.” He also noted of the relationship between the president and his half brother that “there’s not much of one.”

The half-brother of the president, with whom he shares a father, divides his time between the United States and Kenya and supports Trump’s presidential campaign. He told the New York Post“I’m excited to be at the debate. Trump can make America great again.”

Trump announced his invitation of Malik to the debate along with an invitation to Pat Smith, a women whose son was killed in the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, which left 4 Americans dead. Smith famously said at the 2016 Republican National Convention that she “blames Hillary Clinton personally” for the death of her son, Sean.

Trump’s antics in his debate night VIP guest invitations show up as his chances at the presidency slip ever further away, basically at near zero with just weeks to go until the election.

At the second debate, the Republican presidential nominee made a flagrantly dramatic attempt at a showing in the face of the recently revealed fact that in 2005 he bragged about committing sexual assault. Trump invited a group of women as his campaign’s VIP guests, two of whom had accused former president Bill Clinton of sexual assault for decades.

Trump, however, even though he desperately tried to manipulate the women he invited to the debate towards a defense of his own recently revealed remarks bragging about sexual assault, unsurprisingly failed miserably and lost the second debate, along with what was pretty much the last glimmer of any serious hope for his presidential campaign.

President Obama, even though he isn’t interested in engaging over Trump’s debate invitation of Malik, has spent months working against Trump’s presidential campaign, stating at one point that he would take it as “a personal insult” if the African-American community did not turn out to vote for Hillary Clinton in dramatic numbers in order to ensure her election.

Obama has shared similar sentiments elsewhere, repeatedly pointing out a commonly-discussed theme as the election draws closer that the contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has gone past the level of partisan politics and become a contest between decency and the lack thereof, a point well-reinforced by Trump’s recently revealed time spent bragging about committing sexual assault.

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