JUST IN: Trump Employees Defect & Make DISTURBING Announcement To America (VIDEOS)


Alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump brags that he has created “tens of thousands” of jobs, but people who work for him say he is a “bad boss.”

The third and last presidential debate is being held in Las Vegas, where the alleged unregistered sex offender owns properties and creates jobs. But what is it like working for him?

Jeffrey Wise works two jobs and has worked in Las Vegas for 30 years, he said in a CNN interview. He is a food server at the Trump hotel in the city, but his second job is for a different, union-negotiated contract hotel, doing about the same thing. The Republican will not vote for his boss, and he says:

‘If you want to start making America great, start from the bottom with the workers.’

Wise says he makes $3 more per hour at his other job, plus benefits. The Trump hotel doesn’t include benefits. Wise told CNN:

‘We hear the phrase often and again and again about let’s “Make America Great Again,” let’s make America what it was supposed to be, if you want to start making America great, start from the bottom with the workers.’

Celia Vargas is another International Hotel Las Vegas employee, a guest room attendant. She fled civil war-torn El Salvador in 1981, then she crossed the Mexican border in the back of a truck. Vargas voted with 200 other workers to unionize last year. She is not voting for the GOP candidate either.

So far, the hotel has appealed to the National Labor Relations Board, contesting unionization, but it has not met with union representatives to negotiate. Wise is one of the employees calling for Trump and other owner Phil Ruffin to come to the table.

Carmen Llarul works for the alleged unregistered sex offender Trump, but she will not vote for him. She will be voting for Hillary Clinton.

In the early 1980’s, Llarul came here from Argentina. Her granddaughter Olivia, 20, is deployed to Japan with the US Air Force, her first deployment. Llarul is proud of her and shows off one of Olivia’s text messages, which she has saved. Carmen’s daughter was also in the armed services.

Llarul says the billionaire is not appreciative of immigrants’ contribution to society. She points to her hands and says:

‘These hands clean the rooms every single day for Mr. Trump so he can be rich. He should listen to us, the immigrants, the workers, because we have a lot to teach him.’

Wise says this about Trump’s campaign:

‘That’s what the basis of being an American is all about, it’s the right to speak up when you see something unjust and not done fairly and do something about it.’

Check out this employee’s video on Twitter below:

Featured Image: Robert Riley via Flickr, Creative Commons License, minor modification.