JUST IN: Trump’s Pre-Debate Prep Leaked To Media, Prepare To Laugh HYSTERICALLY (DETAILS)


The debate walk-though is apparently below the GOP candidate’s pay grade. He skipped it and delegated it to his underlings, so that he can stay in his hotel as long as he wants. There is high interest over what will happen during the debates, especially with alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump and his unusual guests.

Former President Bill Clinton may hide out from some of the anticipated guests. Before the last debate, he looked like a deer in the headlights.

National political reporter for Bloomberg News Jennifer Jacobs dropped a bombshell tweet. She reported that the billionaire skipped his walk-through at the debate hall. Didn’t go. Still at his hotel. “His debate team is taking care of it.”


Sure the candidate has done a little Q and A with the bootlicker-in-chief and Republican National Committee (RNC) chair, Reince Priebus. That is all, though.

What is going on? Maybe the reason is things are changing behind the scenes. Roger Ailes, formerly with Fox News, said that alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump was not listening to his debate prep advice, so the two men are not speaking.  MSNBC reported that Ailes advised going big-picture, but the real estate mogul wanted to get down in the weeds.

New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman offered this insight:

‘Ailes’s camp said Ailes learned that Trump couldn’t focus—surprise, surprise—and that advising him was a waste of time. These debate prep sessions weren’t going anywhere.’

Even campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is distancing herself from the orange man. Her boss has been out on the trail insisting that there is widespread voter fraud and urged his dedicated followers to monitor the election sites. Of course, that is not legal.

When questioned by MSNBC about voter fraud, Conway said that of course it isn’t an issue. There isn’t voter fraud. She is accurate. In nearly one billion, with a “b,” votes, there have been exactly 31 cases of voter fraud persecuted.

Stephen Bannon, the extreme right-wing Breitbart News executive chair, is the only major player, other than the GOP’s candidate immediate family, to have his ear. So what is the deal?

What do we know? Before the debate, the two candidates and their families are not likely to shake hands:

What is true is that nothing involving alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump’s politics is dull.

Featured Image: Michael Vadon via Flickr, Creative Commons License, minor modification.

H/T: Jennifer Jacobs/Breitbart News Twitter page.