Mitch McConnell Wakes Up To NASTY Surprise, KENTUCKY Is Turning BLUE (DETAILS)


Schadenfreude is the German word for taking pleasure in the pain of others. Liberals, who have endured decades of Republicans’ flawed ideologies, obstructionism, and pandering to the worst elements in American society, might get to experience some schadenfreude this November. Clinton is within striking distance of Trump in red state after red state, and a shining example of this new political order may be Kentucky.

According to a new poll from Lex18, alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump has managed to almost wreck his 12-point lead in Mitch McConnell’s home state. He now leads Hillary Clinton within the margin of error for the poll.

Indeed, Trump’s numbers have been falling like a rock in one of the more conservative states in the country. Although 29% of the population in the state still remains undecided, Trump was, at one point, leading Clinton by 35% to 23%. That lead has now evaporated to 31% to 28%. Furthermore, Clinton’s gain in the polls of 5% outstrips Trump’s loss of -4%. This suggests that Clinton may actually have the momentum to carry herself to a win in the Bluegrass state.

What this latest poll in Kentucky proves is that Trump isn’t only losing ground on a nation-wide scale. His support is quickly slipping out from under him even in the reddest of red states. And although McConnell and his ilk in Kentucky haven’t seen their hopes of election or re-election dashed (yet), the same might not be true for down-ballot Republicans in states which are less solidly red.

This phenomenon is not by any means restricted to Kentucky, either. The most notable example of a state that may wind up being poisoned against Trump is Arizona. Arizonans have voted for GOP candidates in a stunning 9 out of the past 10 elections. And yet, Clinton has managed to edge Trump out by a small margin on a number of polls.

Five Thirty Eight gives Clinton a 56% chance to flip the state as of this writing. The same could be said about Georgia, which hasn’t voted for a Democrat since 1992. Yet Clinton has remained within less than 3 points of alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump since early August. Mormon candidate Evan McMullin has even provided a spoiler in Utah for voters who hate Trump and distrust Hillary. He’s captured a little above 20% of the vote, mainly stealing from Trump’s commanding lead over Clinton since entering the race in mid-October.

With three weeks go to before election day, even a solid red state like Texas may be up for grabs. It seems pretty locked-in at this point that Clinton vs. Trump will be an utter shutout. It’s also looking likely that there will be a big shift away from the GOP-controlled senate.

However, a big enough loss for the party of Lincoln could mean more for America than another four to eight years of more liberal policies and Supreme Court justices. It could turn into a wholesale rejection of the ideologies on which the GOP has built their platform. If the newly-minted power of third-party candidates and dark-horse candidates like Bernie Sanders is any indication, we might be seeing the destruction of the two-party system. Let’s hope it leads to a new era of cooperation in our legislative bodies. Too many Americans are sick of the horse****.

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