Scott Baio Asks DUMBEST Trump Question EVER, The Internet Responded IN FORCE (TWEETS)


The dumbest ever question on the internet comes from Scott Baio, a conservative in a Trump/Pence cap who just might be a few eggs short of a dozen these day. Baio is famous for the TV show Happy Days as the beloved character, Chachi. Now, in all seriousness, he videos himself asking what he considers the burning question of his day, the dumbest question ever.

He asks, in essence, whether people want an orange king of crude or affordable, accessible healthcare for the rest of their lives? Do they want an unstable bully having tantrums or healthcare never denied for pre-existing conditions? Do they want an employer that stiffs small businesses or medical care moving toward Medicare for all forever?

Baio is dead serious, though. He thinks he is saying something, but he isn’t saying anything. His question is like asking if you want to slam your hand in the car door or if you’d rather have ice-cream?

The choice is obvious. It is as if Baio is standing in the parking lot of competing Hillary Clinton and alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump rallies, and Baio is directing all the traffic over to the Clinton side.

There are Republicans who will take him seriously, however. It beats logic how Baio has captured so much attention from people. We could understand if he was talking to a room full of penguins, for example. They might fall for what Baio is selling. But incredulously, real live humans believe Baio has something to say.

They are almost desperate to jump into the alleged unregistered sex offender Trump’s loser lane, no matter how many people they need to run over, how many traffic cones they obliterate, how many chain car wrecks they cause. They will follow that groper-in-chief, no matter how many detours he takes, no matter how many sinkholes he puts in front of them.

Baio’s mother shouldn’t have let him have the video camera today. He can only hurt himself – and others.

Fortunately, Baio’s choice of a cow pie or warm cherry pie à la mode has been providing the internet with a rich supply of responses and information or entertainment for the rest of the world. Without further ado, on to the internet answers to this dumb and dumber question:

Chachi, we miss you.

Featured Image: Scott Baio Twitter Page.
H/T: Gopocalypse.