BREAKING: Trump Campaign Caught Passing Out Doctored Images Of Hillary & Bin Laden (IMAGES)


Alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump has built his campaign on racism, bigotry and conspiracy theories, but this latest one really ups the ante in terms of stupidity.

According to The Guardian‘s Ben Jacobs, the Trump campaign is distributing a photo of Hillary Clinton and Osama Bin Laden.

‘Talking to a Trump volunteer who says this picture of Clinton and Bin Laden is real and she saw it on TV in the 70s’

This isn’t just some random idiot’s conspiracy theory either. According to Jacobs, this is part of an information packet the Trump campaign gives to staffers so they can tell voters about the Clinton-Bin Laden connection.

‘This is part of a packet of information she gives so that supporters making phone calls tell voters this info.’

This evidence might be impressive, if it was not so obviously faked. In fact, Twitter correctly found the original image in about two seconds and passed it along to Jacobs. Hopefully, he was able to share it with the misguided Trump staffer.

We would say we expect higher quality photoshops from a professional presidential campaign, but we’ve seen (what we believe to be) the Trump campaign’s efforts at photoshopping and they aren’t any better.

The quality of the photoshop aside, this is still a really poor attempt at smearing Clinton, since the timeline doesn’t make sense. The woman said she saw the picture in the 1970s, but Al-Qaeda didn’t even exist until the late 80s. The group that went on to become Al-Qaeda, the Mujahadeen, were actually unofficial allies of the United States and were armed by the Regan Administration to help fight drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan.

Like the alleged unregistered sex offender’s claims that Clinton and President Obama were the founders of ISIS, this is simply an attempt to paint Clinton, and Democrats as a whole,  as weak on terrorism. It is a rather odd argument when you consider the fact that it was President Obama, with Clinton serving as Secretary of State, who ordered the attack that killed Bin Laden.

We understand that the alleged unregistered sex offender’s supporters must be getting desperate, considering the state of the polls, but do they really think such blatant lies will help them?

Featured image via Getty Images.