JUST IN: Post Trump Leaked Tape Senate Polls Released, Numbers Have Pundits FLOORED (DETAILS)


The Republican Senate majority battle hangs by a thread on the alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump’s coattails. When the Access Hollywood verbal sexual abuse video hit the media less than two weeks ago, the billionaire was in an uncomfortably tight race with Hillary Clinton.


Democratic senators are favored to take Illinois and Wisconsin. Six Senate seats are still at play: Missouri, Nevada, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. If Democrats want to take the Senate, they have to win at least three of those seats.

Republicans tend to ignore the top of the ticket when it comes to selecting their senators. If the Republican candidate had disintegrated before people’s eyes, pundits assumed he would take the whole party down. They were wrong, at least so far.

Why would that happen? Maybe, people do not think of alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump as a true Republican. Maybe they are desperate to keep a check to Hillary Clinton’s presidency and think that the real estate mogul has already been mortally wounded. Perhaps it’s because Republican senators are distancing themselves from the top of the ticket, emphatically saying they will not vote for the alleged unregistered sex offender Trump.

These elected officials denouncing the GOP nominee are Republican Senators Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, John McCain of Arizona, and representative Rep. Joseph J. Heck of Nevada.  A Nevada CNN/Opinion Research poll this week gave Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto an amazing seven-point lead. On Tuesday, a Monmouth University poll puts Heck up three percentage points.

Pennsylvania has been like a pinball machine: everywhere. A Bloomberg poll gave Democrat Katie McGinty a two-point lead. A Quinnipiac University poll showed Republican Senator Patrick J. Toomey with a four-point lead.

The latest polls show Missouri, North Carolina, and New Hampshire in virtual ties. Former Democrat Senator Evan Bayh is struggling with Republican Todd C. Young now, even though he had a huge early lead.

So far, Republican senators John McCain and Marco Rubio of Florida look like favorites, even though, he was only up two points on Tuesday. For some reason, the National Democratic Party pulled its advertising in Florida. Democrat Senator Michael F. Bennet of Colorado is also a favorite.

A Marquette Law School poll indicated that Republican Senator Ron Johnson was pulling ahead of former Senator Russell Feingold by two points, although the Democratic senator had a big early lead.

Tuesday also brought a big surprise. A St. Norbert College poll gave Feingold a huge 12-point lead, 52 to 40 percentage points. Whether that was caused by Republicans pull Johnson’s campaign funding or it was a consequence, things look good for Feingold.

Featured Image: Phil Roeder via Flickr, Creative Commons License, minor modification.
H/T: Washington Post.