JUST IN: Another Member Of The Bush Family REJECTS Trump For President, Donald Sulks (VIDEO)


Yet another member of the Bush family has rejected the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. This comes after George H.W., George W., Jeb, and George W.’s daughters, Barbara and Lauren, publicly announced that they would not be voting for the alleged unregistered sex offender.

Now, George W.’s cousin, Jonathan S. Bush, spoke to CNBC on Friday morning to let his opinions be known. Bush said that he would not be voting to either “nut,” and would instead be voting for Libertarian, Gary Johnson. Bush said this about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:

“If you can’t stand the nut on the left and you can’t stand the nut on the right, go for the Johnson.”

Anyone who has seen Johnson in the media recently knows that he is not a suitable candidate to handle to situation in Syria. Johnson didn’t even know what Aleppo was when asked in a televised interview. Johnson had another brain freeze about a week later, when he could not name a single foreign leader.

Bush continued:

“I grew up believing deeply in my uncle George [H.W. Bush’s] Republican party, really feeling like it was good for people, and when I listen to [Libertarian vice presidential nominee] Bill Weld talk, I feel the same way.”

With the entire Bush family, and countless other Republicans turning their backs on the GOP’s presidential nominee, it will become even more difficult for Trump to gain the backing that he needs. With the election just over two weeks away, it’s not looking good for The Donald.

Video courtesy of Twitter: