JUST IN: Keith Olbermann Makes MAJOR Donald Trump Announcement, Liberals REJOICE (VIDEO)


Keith Olbermann went ballistic during his new show on GQ when Donald Trump, amateur politician and alleged unregistered sex offender, said he may not be willing to accept the lawful results of this coming November’s election.

Olbermann is known for his outspoken political commentary. Once a nightly cornerstone of MSNBC, Olbermann now acts as a special correspondent for GQ magazine in a spot called The Closer, providing his unique old-school-style commentary for modern politics

After Wednesday’s debate, Olbermann was livid, and on his Thursday show, he went over the top, shaking with rage, and directly addressed both Donald Trump and the Republican Party responsible for this debacle that has kept his bid for dictator alive.

It was Trump’s teasing refusal to say that he’d accept the results of the election that sent Olbermann over the edge:

‘It was the first time in American history, through dozens of venomous painful campaigns and a series of impossibly close elections, the first and only time that a candidate of a major party had violated the fundamental precept of our democracy.

‘It shakes every one of our freedoms, it mocks every dead American soldier, it spits in every sacrifice made under our flag.’

No one missed the integral contempt of our constitution that was couched in that refusal either, Olbermann said:

‘This time it slipped passed no one. Not the moderator, not Fox News, not even Breitbart.com.

‘It was not a flash of anger from a man who gets angry once an hour. It was not another slab of red meat thrown to his crazed supporters. It was not another outrageous statement to throw up against the wall in this cheap reality show version of a presidential campaign. He meant it! He means it!

‘Donald Trump is not invested in Democracy! Donald Trump is not invested in our Constitution! Donald Trump is not invested in America! Donald Trump is not invested in preventing people from being killed on the streets after an election like this were a Third World police state!

‘Burn. In. Hell!’

Then, Olbermann went after the GOP, the party normally so firm on the personal rights guaranteed in the constitution and not a whit more for government:

‘Compel him to withdraw! Now!

‘Litigate against him, find enough doctors and have him declared psychiatrically incompetent. At minimum, cut off his funding completely and denounce him in the strongest possible terms because this nightmare, this fascist, this Trump is now your responsibility.’

Olbermann shared the GQ spot on his Twitter page:

‘After he again subverts the sanctity of our elections, my message to @realDonaldTrump: Burn. In. Hell’

Olbermann shared the commentary video again on Thursday evening with a sharp and pertinent question to the Republican Party:

‘Trump’s refusals to promise to honor the electoral outcome requires a GOP answer: do you stand for democracy or not?’

Trump’s contempt for our constitution went from bad to worse on Thursday when the candidate claimed that he would accept the results … “If I win.”

He also told a rally audience on Thursday:

‘I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters, and to all of the people of the United States, that when the results come in on election night, I will accept — without delay or hesitation — the concession speech of Hillary Rodham Clinton.’

Trump claims that he what he actually meant at the debates was that he was unwilling to waive his legal right to contest the election if there seemed to be some discrepancy or unusual result. But as an amateur, Donald Trump does not seem to understand his legal rights or the election process. Nor does he understand the serious charges he implies with his talk about rigged elections and refusing to concede the win. The fact that he thinks he can make a joke out of it only highlights the alleged unregistered sex offender’s unfitness for office.

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