Malia Obama Makes Surprise Wedding Announcement, Republicans EXPLODE With Racism (IMAGES)


Michelle Obama’s former assistant, Kristen Jarvis, is getting married to a former Secret Service agent to the President, Shaun West. What’s even more exciting is that Malia and Sasha Obama will both be bridesmaids in the wedding.

According to TMZ, President Obama won’t be attending the wedding, but the First Lady is expected to make an appearance, given the fact that the girls will be playing a starring role on the special day.

But of course, any good news for the Obama’s results in hate from conservatives who, even after 8 years, can’t bear the thought of having a black First Family.
Below are just a handful of the responses found online in response to the news:





And this isn’t the first time Obama’s daughters have been the target of racist attacks from the right. Conservatives seem to have a problem when they do anything at all.

Back in May, right-wing nut jobs went berserk when Malia went out for breakfast and ordered eggs and a chai latte — then let her friends pick up the check. Apparently, her diet wasn’t up to the standard of what the First Lady would expect.

Right. Because every teenager checks with their mother before ordering at a restaurant? Please. And as for someone else picking up the check — do they really believe they have a say in what the First Family does just because they’re in the public eye? Who knows, maybe she picked up the tab last time and her friend was returning the favor. It’s absolutely flabbergasting that people even care about any of this.

And if that weren’t enough, Sasha Obama is only 15 years old. What kind of person targets a minor in their attacks, let alone from behind their computer screen?

And it’s not like the Obama girls have ever done anything to warrant anything other than complete praise. They’ve been in the public eye since a very young age, with the world watching them grow up during their formative years. They’ve done nothing but continually act with the utmost maturity and poise. What more could be expected?