Trump ABRUPTLY Ends Interview After VERY Awkward Question, Campaign Humiliated (VIDEO)


Republican presidential candidate and alleged unregistered sex offender Donald Trump walked away from an interview abruptly after being asked the inevitable question regarding racism and sexism today.

Alleged unregistered sex offender Trump probably thought it was going to be a breeze as WCMH’s Colleen Marshall started out the interview with questions on an actual issue.


‘In the debate last night, you raised questions about whether or not the election system could be rigged. We have a Republican Secretary of State who says it is virtually impossible to rig an election. Is this a dangerous message you’re sending to people that the election might be rigged?’

Alleged unregistered sex offender Trump responded calmly with the usual compliment and spin:

‘He’s excellent by the way. I have to tell you. Maybe in Ohio, it’s fine. But in many places throughout the country, they do have problems. And I’m actually here to talk about it during my speech, so I think you’ll find it very interesting.’

The interview then shifted towards the drama and fallout behind the infamous Access Hollywood video. Marshall asked about the withdrawal of support from Republican leaders and if their lack of support was actually hurting alleged unregistered sex offender Trump. He, of course, spun it and said the word “tremendous” at least three times.

‘Well I think they are doing themselves a tremendous disservice. We’re actually up six points in Ohio. We have tremendous support from the people, and I think they are doing themselves a tremendous disservice. We have a couple of cases where people that aren’t supporting me they’re losing and I’m winning states. You’ve seen that, so it’s all over the place.’

The interview went on with the usual alleged unregistered sex offender Trump’s platform and selling points. However, when Marshall asked him a question regarding being labeled as a sexist and racist, he ended the interview by basically walking away and barely acknowledging the question.

Marshall asked, “Nineteen days out from the election you’ve been labeled a racist, a sexist…” Trump interrupted her by walking away and muttered, “Thank you very much.”

Before he got away though, she was able to ask quickly how he would like to respond to that.

Alleged unregistered sex offender Trump, obviously pissed off, commented and then walked away stony-faced.

‘I am the least racist person you’ve ever met.’

Featured image by Getty Images/Spencer Platt.