BREAKING: Trump Caught LYING On Medical Records To Hide BIG Health Issue (DETAILS


The Bipartisan Report would never call Donald Trump obese. That would be rude. It’s the fat-shaming GOP candidate’s body mass index (BMI) that’s calling him obese.

As the old adage goes, fat shamers in glass penthouses shouldn’t throw stones.

The alleged billionaire’s many detractors had a field day with that ridiculous doctor’s letter, which lauds his health as “extraordinary” and “astonishingly excellent.” Just when you thought there was nothing left to pick over, a Daily Kos member came up with something.

The post by WestportDem hones in on a telling detail…Donald Trump likely lied about his weight (all that for just 236 pounds?) and definitely lied about his height. Even if those numbers are accurate, and they can’t be, Trump is medically overweight. The truth suggests that he’s clinically obese.

Dr. Harold Bornstein’s letter, which the Trump-Pence campaign produced in lieu of actual medical records, says the GOP’s White House hopeful is 6’3″ tall and weighs 236 pounds.

But Donald Trump’s height is actually 6’2″.


So why on earth would Donald Trump lie about his height (and very likely his weight) when his height is actually a matter of public record? Seriously, if do a Google search for Trump’s height, it comes up 6’2″.

Well…according to the Body Mass Index (BMI) chart below, being 6’3″ tall and weighing 236 pounds would put Donald Trump in the “overweight” category. That’s slightly embarrassing, but he can always claim it’s mostly muscle.


If Donald Trump turns out to be only 6’2″, then he falls solidly into the “obese” category. And Westport Dem found some photos that support this.

Here’s the wanna-be Fat-Shamer-in-Chief standing next to A-Rod, who actually is 6’3 according to Google’s search of records.

Melania Trump’s 5’11” tall, but also looks like she’s 6’2″ thanks to her high heels and pouffy coiffe.

Donald Trump lied about his weight, too.

As if we didn’t already know Donald Trump lies about everything, the Daily Banter points out the wannabe Liar-in-Chief lied about his weight, too.

‘There’s no way to verify the numbers on Bornstein’s letter, including Trump’s weight, which was reported to be 236 pounds. However, earlier reports indicate Trump might actually weigh 267 pounds and, quite frankly, the heavier weight makes more sense given his 6-foot 3-inch frame. (Similarly, prior to Bornstein’s latest stats for Trump, he was reported to be 6-foot-2, and not 6-foot-3. It’s well within reason to suggest Trump might also be lying about his height.)’

Now, as many of the Bipartisan‘s smart readers will quickly point out, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is a blunt instrument. The Public Library of Science (PLOS) blog points out the BMI is a poor measurement of our weight and health. For starters, it doesn’t account for muscle mass vs. fat mass. Nor does it account for weight distribution, since weight that concentrates in the stomach is more of a health risk than weight that accumulates more evenly. The BMI also doesn’t account for lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking or exercising more.