Meet The Press Gets NUTS After Trump’s Campaign Manager Gets Fact Checked Into Commercial (VIDEO)


Kellyanne Conway made a guest appearance on the Sunday morning airing of Meet the Press to discuss the past week’s events on Donald Trump’s campaign. They began the interview talking about poll numbers, but it didn’t take long before host Chuck Todd started asking her questions about Donald Trump’s recent statement about suing his sexual assault accusers.

The beginning of the interview went well: Conway talked about how Trump was behind in the polls and what they planned to do about that in the upcoming weeks as the election draws near. She talked about how they planned to campaign in swing states in order to get undecided voters on Trump’s side by discussing real issues with them. After she mentioned that, Chuck Todd brought what Trump decided to talk about at the beginning of his speech in Gettysburg.

Chuck Todd mentioned the fact that this was supposed to be a reset speech for the Trump campaign and that the purpose of it was to talk about plans for the presidency, but that Donald Trump didn’t do that in the beginning. Instead of talking about what he would do during his first 100 days in office, Trump decided to throw in the fact that he planned to sue the women who accused him of sexual assault, but he would wait until after the election was over. Chuck Todd questioned Kellyanne Conway about Trump’s statement and asked her if that was really the best route he should have taken.

‘Before he got to his first 100 day agenda … he started out talking about threatening to sue all of the accusers that have come out alleging sexual misconduct. Is that a way to reset the last 16 days of this campaign?’

Conway defended Trump’s statement, saying it was a way for him to defend himself against the accusers and remind everyone that the accusers were all lying. She then said he only made a brief statement about that, and she began talking about how he discussed the rigged system, which was more important. She talked about how Donald Trump was speaking up for the “forgotten man and forgotten woman” as he goes on his fight for justice for them as they are being taken advantage of by the rigged system.

Chuck Todd stopped her and reminded her that Trump did not in fact talk about those things at all, and instead focused on himself and the allegations.

Kellyanne Conway tried to diminish that fact by stating he only brought it up for a minute of his 45-minute speech, to which Todd came back to remind her that it wasn’t a small matter.

‘He’s threatening a lawsuit, though, to all these women. Let me ask you this: If they’re off, why not sue them now? Why wait till after the election?’

She replied that it was because they were too busy winning the election to worry about suing the women, and that he was just putting people on notice of his intent.

It seemed as though the entire point to Chuck Todd’s statement was that Trump shouldn’t have even brought up the lawsuit because it had nothing to do with the reset speech at all. If Trump is seriously worried about winning the election, lawsuits should be the last thing on his agenda once he wins, if that even happens at all.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from YouTube